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  1. Black Lake was incredibly immersive, really creepy feel as you play through. Even though I watched a bit of the gameplay during the stream, I still felt like something was gonna jump out from the trees and eat me at any given moment. The accordion music was a perfect fit to the style of the world and the character as well. I don't believe I've ever played a game where an accordion was my sole means of survival lol, I'd love to see an expanded version so I can just accordion jam for hours on end. Thank you all so much from the Black Lake team, this was a wonderful game!


  2. 3) OMG WTF HAPPENED IN HERE: Walking into an area and seeing a bunch of dead/broken robots lying all over the place is both exciting (free loot!) and terrifying (am I about to die?). I like that feeling that you may have just walked into a dragon's lair.

    Totally agree here, honestly just the sounds of a battle going on somewhere nearby was really intense and fun, made the world come to life that much more. As an extension of this, I think I'd like to have some kind of tracker that lets me know how many bots of my own creation are still active in the field. I think I had at least a good dozen at one time wandering the map, and I could hear them getting into all sorts of mayhem out there. It'd be cool to know how many are up.

    The ultimate goal should be Ninja Robots. Like the one's in Binary Domain. Hanging from the walls in the shadows, leaping out of nowhere and slicing other bots in half :)

  3. I think it wasn't actually meant to be downloaded yet? Just saw a post in the general amnesia fortnight thread...oops? lol, the humble page was the first thing I checked on this morning and I guess I got there right before it was taken down. Worked fine though, I didn't hit any glitches/bugs or problems. They'll probably throw it back up for download soon.

  4. So much fun! Big thanks and congrats to the Autonomous team, in two weeks you put together one hell of a fun game. I think the most epic moment I had was throwing about 20 bots at this one double lazer beam dude sitting in a corner at the end of a narrow pathway, my bots started having a hard time getting over the remains of decimated comrades to even reach the thing. Made his death very painful :) Thanks again for all the work put in, hope development finds a way to continue on this project, I will be there to support it. Now what to play next...





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