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  1. Yeah I am the same as Sine909, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 - definitely don't get any messages about overwriting a file
  2. Yeah sure have, I had it on the iPad first, played for a few hours with the iCloud option on. Downloaded the iPhone version later, played the tutorial, switched on sync as soon as it was available but both devices are still continuing with their own games
  3. Thanks for coming back to me, issue though is that I have enabled iCloud sync in the game settings on both devices. Is there an option to save or import or should it happen automatically? If automatically is the answer then it is not happening for me, thanks.
  4. Hi, you say in the app store description that the game supports iCloud saves. Does this mean i can play on my iPhone and then pick up where i left off on my iPad? If so, how :-) Cheers! Sorry, just saw someone else asked the same question - i have icloud sync enabled on both devices but both are running separate games...
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