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  1. I couldn't disagree more. I mean at the moment we have the BARE essentials to have a functioning ship. The amount of granularity of what they could add in terms of ship designs means that it's quite likely that you will be mining pirate ships for parts instead of using them as extensions of your ships. They're already incredibly inefficient in terms of space management. Also, in terms of alpha, this is the most alpha ass alpha game I've bought into. I would go as far to say about 95% of it isn't done yet. Maybe the systems are in place but they are not by any means final. I have no reservations that combat will be the same in the next alpha as it is in alpha 1 let alone the beta or final release.
  2. So I also backed the Massive Chalice kickstarter but never got the backer tag? It's dumb but could I get that? I might have missed the option to put in my forum name or something in the process, and I'm not complaining by any means. Much love DF <3 EDIT: Nevermind. It wasn't showing up on my previous posts for whatever reason. Sorry for the spam.
  3. I've been purposely staying mum until now, incredibly excited for the game. Also Tim you look great!
  4. To be fair the thing that makes the composite bow so awesome is that it could be coupled with a horse. Saddles were super OP. That said. Thanks Halrin. This was super cool! !
  5. I'm going to go ahead and recommend Chicken Ceasar. I think you guys have a good understanding of the tactics & strategy that go into turn based strategy games. At least from hearing you guys talk that seems to be the case. The things that I haven't heard as much about that I think would be cool for the backers to see is you play a game based around manipulating a political economy. One of the coolest things about XCOM is that feeling everyone talks about where you don't have enough money to buy everything, and all the great things that result from those restraints. From the sounds of it there will be equipment, upgrades to your keep and a leveling system. Playing a game like Chicken Ceasar where it's trying to do new things with political economy might give you guys some fresh ideas that not a lot of other video games are doing that could be beneficial for the game. Plus it's fucking rad.
  6. I think that gambling with bloodlines between highborn & lowborn could be really cool. Let's say you marry a lowborn spouse, your offspring get the potential to have a rare modifier but they suffer from having a lower morale as their subjects have a lower opinion of their liege. Inversely the opposite could be the case with a highborn character. You get a bonus modifier to start with but their more stuck in their ways in terms of attributes. I think when talking about XCOM & the tradeoff between not being able to buy all you want is exactly the same sort of mechanic to this.
  7. Heredity are the backbone of games currently on the market like Crusader Kings II and Rogue Legacy which both feature gay characters. I have no problem with Doublefine having this in the game and I have full confidence that the team could make it work if they felt strongly about it.
  8. I just got done listening to the roundtable. As soon as Brad brought up the pie chart as your realm I instantly thought of Ted Nasmith's Tuor Reaches the Hidden City of Gondolin. Something else I thought about while you guys were talking was how wrong the proportions are in a lot of medieval art, but how awesome that could be in displaying the important information to the player. When you look at a lot of the art at the time, the artists were(to me at least) trying to display as much information on the paintings and gave more real estate to what they found important. I don't know if this would work in the game, and I don't think I've seen any strategy games do it. But if all your characters proportions were incorrect. Buildings in the distance are smaller than they should be while people are a bit larger, sort of fixing your eyes on the people in the scene and not the scenery.
  9. Her animations overall reminded me a lot of Molly from Nightmare Before Christmas. A subtle nervous tic, really nice touch.
  10. It was hard but I beat it with keyboard, we weren't screwed. It's a prototype. Platformers take a long time to get right and the prototype has collision issues which are to be expected this early. To be honest for 2 weeks I think the game moves quite well for as ambitious a prototype it is.
  11. To be fair to The White Birch, much like Spacebase DF-9, these types of games don't prototype well. None of these games really come together tell much later in development. As far as controls go, I played the game with both 360 controller and keyboard. Actually beat it with keyboard, which was quite challenging. My gamestop wired 360 controller didn't work but it is an unofficial controller, my wireless microsoft brand did work.
  12. In the sort of Q&A period when asking was asking the staff what they would like to see from all the games, Black Lake came up and the question of how long the game was asked. Alice in Wonderland idea was pitched of going off to different segments of the forest, and having little side stories, by I think Derek(I can't remember everyone's names, it's the one artist from White Birch team who wears his hat backwards). If anything I was just theorizing a potential direction they could go with what they already had. Basically just leaning more into the Balkan folklore would be great for this game, it's so underrepresented across a lot of mediums, let alone games. That's really something that sets this game apart. There's a way of taking the established narrative and doing what I talked about. I'm just spit balling ideas, not trying to step on any toes. That said, I totally didn't see the prototype reactions thread, & I should have posted this there.
  13. I got a real Deathless by Catherynne Valente vibe from the whole Romani folklore aesthetic to the game, and it got me to thinking if this game were to go into full development that there could be a lot of mileage you could get from introducing a Koschei type character which is a catalyst in the novel I mentioned previously. Koschei being the infamous villain in Russian mythology that steals the heroes wife. Basically Bowser from Mario or Ice King from Adventure Time. But instead of Korschei taking the girl, you could have a gender reversal. Have Koschei take the man, in this case her boyfriend. This would give a goal to why the player is traversing Black Lake, and since this is focused so heavily on gypsy culture, it could be forbidden love relationship between the two. I don't know, I've never really come across that sort of story, and maybe that's because it can't work! Anyways those are my feelings so far. Really digging this one, the mechanic and gameplay makes it feel like a Doubefine game. There's a lot more game here than you gave yourself credit Levi when you gave the pitch!
  14. Since this is my first post I'll put into words what I feel about Doublefine. Everybody brings up that Doublefine is a studio that does good stories. I don't think it's that simple. Doublefine is a studio that when I think of game developers, consistently makes games that feel like they were specifically made for the medium. When I think of all the other huge studios that also make a lot of the games I like. Specifically the largest Bioware, Rockstar, Konami, and EA. They tend to make great games that at least with the story driven ones, feel fragmented. They feel like they're taking from existing cinema. Take any big budget story driven game and you can list off the massively popular contemporary pop culture they're riffing off of. I've never felt that with a Doublefine game, and quite the opposite, I've felt like every Doublefine game was doing what the big studios were doing with cinema but with games. All Doubelfine games have felt like iterations on other great games, that are advancing this medium, not something that was taking from other mediums and adapting it to games. There's aesthetic qualities taken from cinema, but not in the same trite way. Their aesthetic feels crafted within the gameplay, even if it's influenced by film, it feels made specifically for the game. Everything feels seamless, which isn't something I get from those big studios. No matter how big their budgets get, they feel fragmented. Nobody else is doing what Doublefine is on the scale you guys do it, at the speed you guys do it and consistency. That's why I like Doublefine and why I cringe just like Andy does when people say, "Well Doublefine makes funny games." Comedy has been a niche that the company carved out for itself early but it isn't what defined the company, to me it's what I listed above. Honestly the only thing I can quibble about was the lack of parity release on PC in some titles with consoles, but that's the nature of the beast. I completely understand why that's the case, that said PC is my lead platform going forward. Thankfully it seems Doublefine has a good relationship(better?) with Steam now so that won't be the case going forward. So they you have it, I really like Doublefine. Stay away from the uncanny valley you guys, for the love of god, keep making the games that feel like games. You're pretty good at it.
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