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  1. Keyboard layout

    Hi, I can unfortunatly not play LPBB since it uses a hardcoded us-qwerty layout, and I use dvorak. The game doesn't care about what layout the system says I use, it uses hardcoded us-qwerty keyboardmapping. Could you solve this, or can I simply not play LPBB?
  2. Keyboard layout

    Yes you can, but that's not the problem here. The problem here is that LPBB disregards that, and uses US-QWERTY anyway, so the only way to fix that would be to spoof the hardware scan codes, if that's possible.
  3. Keyboard layout

    Ah, but the problem is the other way around (sort of). When I input text (to chat with the LPBBs) it's in qwerty. If I press say O, the game thinks I pressed S, and after what I saw in that file that doesn't seem to handle that.
  4. Help? (spoiler)

    I need some help with the lamp, can't really figure that out. (I've tried in the ally, but can't really find anywhere to place it).
  5. Keyboard layout

    Yeah, to make it worse, my only keyboard is a blank das keyboard I'll have to try it out at work on monday where I at least have qwerty mapping printed on the keys