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  1. Monk, Knight and Time Traveler I think.
  2. Before I read this thread I didn't make the connection. It's so obvious now! At first I thought "that's a weird hint" and then I walked in the wrong direction. Explore the left side of the forest.
  3. I would buy the alpha of DF-9, when it gets regular updates. The scenarios are a neat idea, but that sounds very down the road. I would be happy to get more tiles/characters and mechanics in every update so my base feels more alive with every update. Also it would be cool if the game allowed people to import their own tiles and heads.
  4. I was really really impressed. I had the same concerns: what is the gameplay and how are they going to make a videogame forest in 2weeks? But the tracking/wandering around in the forest(and losing the trail) is really fun, the forest feels and looks really good and is filled with atmosphere. I really enjoyed it and would love to play more.
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