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  1. Spaff asked me to make a thread over here which has details on how things are meant to work. Is there a chance that it's ended up in spam folders or has gone to a different account from the one you're checking? If so, I might have permanently deleted it because it was burried in a head high pile of other spam. I got like 100 emails in the spam folder the past weekend. There wouldn't be some way to have the email resent? OR should I just relent and wait for tomorow's release?
  2. At a guess I'd say on or just after 10 AM PST, as that is when Steam does it's database-wide update each day, which would be when the game becomes available.
  3. As I understand it, the press release that goes out today does clarify all that.
  4. My arguments are offered here without anger. If you install DRM drivers on your computer, which is what you factually do when you install the Steam Client, the idea that a game downloaded via such services would be DRM free is not sensible, in my opinion. I am willing to bet it will be in Q3 at the absolute earliest. Fair enough on the other release being late, we never know. Bu on the DRM comment, it is entirely sensible to for the game to be DRM-free. What people don't seem to realize is that Steam is the distribution platform and is not DRM. Steamworks is the DRM, and that is entirely up to the developer of the game to decide to use or not. Most of the time, DF chooses not to use the Steamworks DRM. Now, if it really is the case that it doesn't use the Steamworks DRM, something that anybody will be able to tell you after it is released, then you can download the game through Steam, move it to another folder and simply delete steam, the game will still function properly.
  5. @Vainamoinen Would you just chill? The probability is they wont even use Steamworks CEG DRM, which mean that the game still is DRM-free, even if it needs to be downloaded via Steam. I cannot understand the anamosity towards steam, which is a hell of a good service. Sure they have market dominance, but they don't abuse that and it's not their fault other services cannot match them. Steam is NOT Spyware, malware or anything else like that, so why would you not have it on your PC? Fair enough if you don't want to make use of the service, but don't get angry at Double Fine if you cannot play the game early due to your own misguided moral objections. In April you will get the game on Humble and play it. This has nothing to do with exclusivity, and more to do with the fact that Steam is a easy distributer to work with and makes it much easier for them to push updates out. If it bothers you THAT much, just download it from the myriad of piracy sites where it will be no doubt uploaded within seconds of it's release. You paid for it, right? So there's no problem.
  6. It's supposed to be pretty much instant, but you can sign up when you get the code, they don't make it a hard process.
  7. Okay, first point: @MacCave Backing a kickstarter is in no way equivelant to signing a contract or even purchasing a product. You are donating money and get a promise to get the product, but that isn't legally binding. Secondly, they aren't breaking any promises they made, you WILL get a DRM-free version, just later. So chill out. I should also point out that game delivery via Steam doesn't automatically mean it uses Steamworks CEG, so it might still be DRM-free despite being delivered through Steam. And you cannot call Steam spyware, because it simply is not. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware << read that and I'm sure you will agree with me that that means Steam is not in fact spyware. On a lighter note, I'm super excited for this game! Can't wait to get my Steam code and start downloading.
  8. I've just played through Autonomous for the second time, my best time so far is 51 minutes. I haven't played Black Lake yet, but of the 4 I did play Autonomous feels the most like a fully fledged game than a prototype. It has the best replayability, I'd say, more so thatn SpaceBase, the other replayable one. Really, this has to become a full AAA game. Throw in a story, some more features, perhaps upgrades to parts, the ability to make a spot your base and set up your defences with primitives, and this will be the best game ever. Add multiplayer to that and it will be even more excellent. Let me set some heads up with a 'GPS' system so they attack where I tell them. This could be amazing. Even if it doesn't become a full game, pull out all the bugs, polish it a bit and release it on Steam just like it is, I've seen worse games do well on Steam.
  9. IS there any way to turn on debug fly and go check it out up there?
  10. Yeah two of them are your friends Two of them? I only know about one heh.
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