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  1. Did anyone take a look at the Soundtrack? I'm thinking Hacker's Delight might contain something. Quick glance shows a "hidden track" after the initial song. Sounds like Bob's song. Also sounds like it might be an SSTV file. Unfortunately my Stereo Mix isn't showing up (stupid drivers...) Anyone able to look into this?
  2. I looked inside the data folder for the credit room. looks like there is some sort of interaction with something in that room. Maybe its just talking to the pictures to find out their name, or it could be the clue that is needed. Maybe he pulled a Phil Fish and wanted us to brute force it?
  3. The world has ended glitches are best navigated by hacking or by using the savestate tool. No real purpose to going there until you have decoded the worlds runes first though.
  4. I get the feeling that the CreditRoom.lua will probably contain the hint towards what the key is. I havent tested it with more than the one i used to decrypt it. It may be possible to use more than one thing as the correct key depending on how the decrypt works.
  5. I know everyone at double fine probably had a blast these past two weeks. I just wanted to thank you all for letting us join you for this two week excursion. Every single game has tremendous potential. Every single game made me feel something. every minute of each game was thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Double Fine for a fantastic two week experience. I'm looking forward to your next product releases. And in the meantime, maybe I'll see some of you in Brazen.
  6. Yeah, I'm glad i actually went out and found most of it. I'm sure there is some sort of secret to the last part... but i really didn't want to attempt a brute force with every single book in the library. Especially when the price for failing to decrypt is a crash to desktop =\
  7. Just finished hiddenjournal.txt Brandon Dillon, you made me tear up a little. This has been the most rewarding gaming experience ive had in a good long while.
  8. To find the genie you have to face your fears of the glitched blocks.... they arent all that bad >_>
  9. first 2 times i played through, setting the fire baddies iFriendlyDamage prevented them from damaging me.... 3rd time through they still hurt me =[
  10. My brother is currently experiencing this as well... he has tried redownloading and unpacking it 6 times now to no avail. I previously had the problem and redownloading fixed it... no clue as to what causes it
  11. Any chance you could give us an idea of where the key is located??? in game? in files? etc? Also, did you use an external script to decrypt it or the decryption room with a key. and how do you enter the key
  12. I also havent managed to access the credit room... the file doesnt exist in my install and i havent found it in a sub folder... any ideas? [EDIT] Seems to be something in the AfHack\Data\Scripts\Rooms\Dungeon\KeyRoom.lua... that should give us a hint as to the decryption algorythm/key
  13. Ive made the broken chunks in the castle entrance room TP me to various rooms. Any idea what the HiddenJournal.txt needs to decrypt it?
  14. so it looks like it is actually gonna be possible to make our own rooms and stuff if we want. looking in the AFHack folder i can find all the room folders and other stuff. Really interesting file is the Win/Hidden/HiddenJournal.txt file. Looks like its encrypted. Im trying to decrypt it. Anyone got ideas? things ive tried so far: 1: i thought maybe i could use the decryption statue that Jinn uses... so i put the file into a folder, navigated to the directory it was in in the library, held it as my second book, put it on statue and told it to decrypt. Some warning popped up about the book being destroyed if you use the wrong key, but not sure what key so i click decrypt anyways and BAM.... game crash... 2: I thought maybe the princess room was the key so i copied it into AfHack\Win\Munged\Rooms\TKU (i created TKU) and then renamed it AGbdbzxbvxcz.lua. then walked into one of the glitched tiles in the castle entrance. it said something about couldnt read the bytes or something... Anyone got a clue as to what to do?
  15. That seems to be a room that just got left in the game. im not sure there is anything special there.
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