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  1. That IS objectively the best part. I'll say the exploration if I have to limit my answer to something more concrete. There's just so much to explore from the scavenger hunt around the campgrounds to the diverse and amazing character levels. It's just a really well crafted world that makes you want to dive in again even after having completed it over and over again. Yeah im on my 3rd play through and it is not going to be my last.
  2. Forgot to mention the writing i love it too. And the characters at the campground are so interesting and unique. It was difficult to pick out stuff for me as well.
  3. What's your favorite part about pyschonauts. you could answer your favorite world or level or your favorite game play mechanics or your favorite general thing like visuals, game play or level design. When it comes to the different worlds im really fond of the luchador neon world visually and level design is fantastic. And the art direction and the visuals overall are among my favorite parts of the game. My favorite thing about the game i really cant explain its something that fills me with joy and childlike wonder. So anyway what's your favorite part of the game?
  4. Donkey Kong Country Returns and replaying some Psychonauts.
  5. I hope so, it would be interesting to see what doing the music is like.
  6. Would them using Maoi mean that it's only going to be available on IOS? Probably not but I wonder how much the game's going to cost.
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