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  1. 1. Huh, there's NO sound playing? Odd 2. You have to go through the first alien invasion storyline to unlock him. He is a crucial plot point in the fight. Oh, you need to do the invasion story to get him? Thanks. After a longer playthrough, I have some new comments. -Sound is back. That was weird. -Water Cooler/Juicer/Yak, in actual play, are not as good as I thought. What it does is if you have none, it will bring it back to 1. But if you use that one during battle, it doesn't give you another until the battle ends, so it's not infinite. In fact, if you already have a couple, say water cooler waters in your inventory, the water cooler has no benefit. It only does anything if you have none of the item. It may need rethinking. -I started the alien storyline. I REALLY like the story, complements to... "Mr. Gabe Miller." (Thank you credit screen.) -Speaking of the alien storyline, you definitely fixed the difficulty now. The distressed citizens feel harder than the bosses were before. And the love guns power-reducing thing is cool, you should incorperate it into a boss battle somehow. -Just realized that new costumes don't show in battles. But that problem with targeting where people will blast attack someone who died of another guy's attack is fixed. -SURGE PROTECTOR AND HOT HEAD ARE LEVEL 11 WAT!? -Finally, I must ask. What does Focus do? -Suggestion: Add more benefits to Superium. Once you have all 9 heroes, have a lot of cash, and am like me and don't like rushing, what do you do with it? I say add "Ultimate Equipment", that costs Superium, that is really powerful. Or a third level of costume, for level 10 guys. -Another Suggestion: Once you reach a high level, the Manager's desk work seems pointless. I think a way to improve it would be to, once you reach a high manager level, you can select how long to do desk work. Maybe as you gain levels you can do longer and longer desk work. -Just got Cosmic Crowbar! Sad his hit all enemies ability isn't a rain of crowbars, but I'm still happy. -BTW Here's the Cosmic Crowbar's abilities.
  2. I downloaded the update, gave it a quick play, here's what I think. I personally love the new UI changes, the character screen looks nice. The Water Cooler/Juicer/Yak are a fun idea. Hope to save up for that Yak!(Just realized how funny that is w/o context.) I have gotten into listening to podcasts while I play games, I'm happy that works now!(I never tried it for MMoJ though, so didn't know it didn't work.) However, I've found 2 bugs: 1. Sound doesn't play even though its turned on in options. 2. This is the worst possible thing. I CAN'T RECRUIT COSMIC CROWBAR. I click buy under Econo-Hero(I only have 13 superium), and he doesn't show up! It just shows that blue hero selection screen with no heroes there! I was waiting a long time for the Cosmic Crowbar, please fix this!
  3. Why hasn't anyone commented on this? The Level 3 Rec Room has this poster on the wall: Is this the next hero, coming out in January with the 2 new areas? I personally think he fits in perfectly with the style of the game, and I could just imagine his abilities(Cause crowbars to rain from the sky, dealing damage to all enemies!)
  4. I just beat the final story level today, and this is one of my favorite games on my iPod! A couple problems with the game: I've had random crashes a couple of times when just normally starting/finishing crimes. I own the iPod 4th generation. Later in the game, missions became easy; a single "every enemy" attacks finished off most crimes. It needs a bit of balancing. And on that note, the bosses were way too easy, and near when I first started playing, I was getting completely pummeled by the crimes in the 3rd area, the city. However, besides this, the game was great. The gameplay is good, but the story and writing were the best part, I loved the "Canadian dragon". The characters were fun too. Animations are fun too, see the screenshots section. One more thing I liked is how you really aren't stressed to spend money on anything. You can pay for Superium if you want to, but you get enough for a hero from a boss battle, and tasks are short enough that you don't really feel like speeding it up. Some things I noticed that were fun: MM + SP, quickly found out that was Surge Protector, and now I use them together constantly. The animations are fun, and reflect a bit of personality in the characters. @man is texting while working, Masked mummy is snoozing, Hot Head is using a stress ball to help his anger, and Crimebot is doing some antenna thing. This is what happens if you fail the Fire rescue, This made me laugh. You have to admit they are doing well. I loved this game, and can't wait for future updates! P.S. I loved it so much I bought the copier. Put those $2 to good use!
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