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  1. Glitchspace

    Was browsing through the newly greenlit titles, and found a game called Glitchspace. It shares some similarities, so I though I'd share it.
  2. AF14 2PP Daily Videos?

    Like many of you, episode 7 won't play past 19:48, in Chrome. The video plays fine in Firefox. Here's what I tried in Chrome: -Changed Youtube from HTML5 to Flash, and back, several times. -Cleared my cookies for Youtube. -Cleared my cache for the page by reloading with Shift+F5. -Disabling Magic Actions. None of these things worked. But Firefox works, for me at least. However, I literally just installed it to see if it would work. So if firefox isn't working for you, maybe you have extensions or cookies or something that's interfering.
  3. The Dictator's Handbook

    Dear Leader reminds me of a book I read about governance, called "The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior is Almost Always Good Politics." By Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith. The book is incredible. It starts off sort of tongue-in-cheek, advising readers how to be a good dictator, but the voice becomes more standard as it progress. Anyway, it's essentially a collection of real-world examples of dictatorships. It talks about how dictators come into power and how they stay in power. It also talks about the similarities and differences between democracies and autocracies (dictatorships). It's super fascinating. And it helped me to understand the world on many levels, including most basically why so many awful things are happening in so many countries. It's also an easy read; sort of a page-turner, actually. Highly recommended. Here's the link to the official website:
  4. Steam release?

    What means "go", precious?