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  1. Only the riding fighing scenes took me a really long time to figure out whom to whack with what... I don't really care about it now, it was just something that was part of the game itself. So just leave it al in with maybe re-dubbed music so it will blow the speakers and us away. And also a controller support. After this when will the fig/kickstarter be live for the sequel?!? After I finished Psychnauts 2 probably...
  2. Awesome! that is really nice, you'll have to wait till he gets the guitar out and then!!! Almost wanna watch the whole game done by him ;-)
  3. I just thought I would try out this galacy client thing from gog (https://www.gog.com/galaxy) and it seems to work nice. I downloaded Grim Fandago but noticed that on GOG there are not achievements. GOG Galaxy supports them and on Steam (yeah I have 2 copies...) they seem to work. Would it be possible to easily add those same achiements to GOG? Or are the API's totaly different?
  4. Thanks for the journey and especially the game! Love the "Let's Get This Good Time Over With" achievement ;-) and can't wait to try it (possibly multiple times...) But first onto the to see how to get there... Lots of love and thanks from me!
  5. Yeah release it to the public! I've loved them so far and viewed them multiple times. Maybe wait after the 'final' episode is out so people who held out because of spoilers can catch up... But they will have to decide for themselves, I've loved them! Thanks!
  6. Hi, on teamstream 31 I just notices something wonky. The blackbraid female died, and Brad viewed her from the timeline: But I think some 'death' posture for dead people would be more apropriate, I thought it weird she still moved.... Oh well, I still suck at the game but enjoy it! Hopefully I'll get to the end with the Easy mode. Does it still get the complete ending? Or does the easy mode mis out on stuff?
  7. It's at 17:45. This was again very enjoyable - it's always interesting to see glitch exploits, and it was fun hearing the groans from the dev team! It'd be nice to also get a more traditional commentary for Psychonauts at some point, maybe over a 2 hour playthrough or something. The "not actually announced" HD version with commentary! I would watch that. I would also like the full video without the cuts that would be nice.
  8. Thanks, loved the twitch stream for this, after the initial participation I loved spectating! Can't wait for the sequel!
  9. It's currently 90% off on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/257830
  10. Yeah! a http://grimfandangodeluxe.blogspot.com REBOOT!!!
  11. Wow, pretty impressed with Greg! and nice to have the producer there to talk about the development. I now finaly know after all these years how this game ends. It was to hard for me then...
  12. Yeah kinda weird, after reloading the game had to do the talk to grubbin to get him out of the way and blow away papers to get the design steps again. But I did those the first time and costume wasn't there... After reload it triggered though. Thanks for looking into it, hope you're all holding up with the sad news you've got. Love the game(s)!!
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