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  1. This game is absolutely amazing, it reminds me of Theme Hospital for PC way back in the day. Some gameplay comments - the difficulty is just right, bosses can be best in 2/3 turns with an all-out attack, normal mobs can be beat with one AoE attack. - I don't get the need to delegate missions because 1. the percentages are usually around 50% and they take longer than if you would just fight the mission. Even with maxed out characters, delegating on the last level only amounts to 50-60% success. - I always thought that delegating would be needed for lower level missions, but at the end game lower level missions usually don't appear as much anymore. - Needs a way to train defense, I don't understand why this is not a stat you can train - i really like how the character progression works from the different skills, to the costume upgrades to the equipments. THis is very well done. -
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