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  1. In general this is a cute game. * Fun concept * Well done dialog * Interesting variety of heroes Some suggestions for improvements: UI * Would like to be able to zoom in and out on the map so I can see all the zones at once. Scrolling around every time to collect coin is a pain. * Vehicle rescue missions should show the vehicle going down a HILL, this would make a ton more sense. * When I do delegate, it's annoying I have to go back into the map to collect the rewards. I'd rather a window just pop up while I'm in my base, or something I could click. * When hiring a hero, it's annoying that I have to exit and go back into a pack to see a different variety of heroes. Just let me scroll through the whole list! * I don't understand the point of selecting which heroes are in your current lineup ("max active 4"), since when you go into a mission on the map you can select any of them anyway (including ones you don't have ticked as being in your current lineup). Is this a bug? This might be a nice upgrade point, increase the max number of heroes you can have available for missions as you level up your managerial skills and expand your base. Content * I hate having to watch fire and runaway vehicle missions. Of all the things I'd want to delegate, these are in. Exactly the same every time, and not even any witty dialog, they're the last thing I want to be forced to watch. * As I am a female manager in real life, I don't like being forced to be a balding male manager in the game. Why not let me pick from some custom manager appearances? * I want way more heroes to choose from. I particularly want more female ones. * I don't like that the heroes are the same in each pack (econo/adequate/deluxe). I'd like to see different heroes at each level. It would make more sense, too. * A wider variety of costume changes for my heroes would be nice. Currently they each have only one upgrade. Why not offer lots of different styles and colours per hero! * Definitely needs more variety in default mission types, there's only so many times you can repeat the 2 or 3 or so base "rescue office worker" missions. * The pause before each mission starts is annoying (when you see the enemies punching the guy with the briefcase or whatever). After a few hundred times I really don't need to be forced to watch him cowering for a few seconds, let me click through it like I click through the dialog. * Let me customize things like carpets, paintings, furniture style, wallpaper in my base. Ideally clicking in each room could bring up a list of the things you can upgrade appearances of, but at a minimum you could at least offer choices of entire room themes. If each upgrade costs gold coins then this is a good ongoing gameplay element to keep people playing, as well as a reason for impatient people to buy more coins. As an added bonus, maybe certain upgrades to certain room types add an additional bonus too - e.g. complete the "dungeon decor" redesign of your lounge and gain a damage bonus, complete the "luxury lifestyle" decor set in your lounge and gain a health bonus, etc. * Although the game is clearly incomplete with more still to come, the end of the current content should still have a satisfying ending. Instead it just kind of fizzles out leaving you wondering if you missed doing something. Give me a big bad boss and a fanfare when I beat him and something obvious saying well done, come back soon for more zones, or something along those lines. * I got through the game content super fast, I was done in under 2 days. You could afford to slow down progression through each zone and allow players more time to learn and train up their skills in the first zone or two in particular; when I reached the first and second boss fights I was still very unprepared. Progression * The ramp up seemed kind of steep. After the first zone I had serious trouble finishing the second and had to ignore all missions for a bit while desperately training and equipping my heroes. Seems this could have been a little more smooth. * It doesn't seem possible for a hero you buy at Econo level and train up, to become as good as if you'd bought that hero at Deluxe level. Seems to me that they should equal out at the end; or better yet, that Econo heroes you put ALL that time and micro-management into should end up BETTER than the pre-bought Deluxe heroes. The effort/reward balance seems off, here. At least make them equal. * Manager runs out of things to upgrade way too easily. Why can't he help research stuff? * Once all zones on the map have been completed there seems to be no way to earn more Superium. Even though it says you get more for clearing the map, you don't. This means that when you reach the end game you can't even play more by collecting all the heroes; I did buy the coin copier and one batch of Superium but I'm not going to buy any more at a point where I've run out of game content. I would keep playing a bit longer if I could be completionist and earn the remaining heroes but as it is there's no point. * one of the highest level research items is bonus experience, yet it's very difficult to have time and available manpower to research this until you are already max level. Seems this isn't balanced quite right. Systems/abilities * Many heroes seem to get an AoE ability that is just amazingly overpowered (examples: Crimebot's missiles, Sweet Justice's boulder toss, Surge Protector's lightning slap, etc.) Galaxy Girl, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have one at all and turns out to be really pretty worthless in comparison. Very imbalanced. * I hate to say it, but the AoE attacks are (as mentioned) so overpowered that even with <20% success chance any hero with an AoE can solo any mission I've tried so far. They should maybe be tuned down a wee bit. * Delegate is practically useless: heroes don't seem to use their special abilities at all unless you supervise, so even with the chance over 50% you can't trust they'll win. It's also way slower than watching, so doubly bad. * the manager special abilities seem underpowered and not even worth using compared to heroes AoE abilities. * having to constantly check the map and click each zone to collect the coin is really irritating. Why not add a manager ability you can learn to make him automatically collect the coins for you?
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