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  1. My mistake, upon re-reading I see I was not very clear. I meant to reference the groups, such as bursters, that the Jacobs would be protecting. I agree that the Jacobs do not attack turrets. I only meant to say that it is OK to sacrifice a turret here and there, just try to make it a dampner. With the theory that while bursters are focused on destroying a low cost turret, this provides valuable seconds for you to take care of the jacobs before an expensive turret is in danger.
  2. Congrats on getting to level 50 on all the survival levels and getting all the dlc equipment. I can understand your feeling about what's the point of going past 50. Beyond 50 is personal satisfaction and bragging rights. But it is also how you test your skill. For me personally, the challenge doesn't even begin until the 40's. I think alot of vets here would agree that the first 30-40 waves are simply preparation for whats to come. But...it sure is tough to invest two hours, get to high level, and not get any other rewards for it. Since the survival maps were first released I always felt there needed to be and ultimate reward for getting to 100. Could be something as simple as a paint job or a hat. Maybe an achievement. There just needs to be something to work towards and be earned. Imagine: You are on McKinley dealing with a bunch of noob/newer players who have been to level 20 and are trying to order you around by giving bad strategic advice and poor weapon recommendations. Then low and behold, you switch to a hat that can only be achieved by finishing all survival levels and bam! "I bow down to you oh great one. Bestow upon us the way of truth." At least that is how it would happen in my head.
  3. Its often worth it to purposely put dampners in harms way when it comes to dealing with jacobs. They are the cheapest turret to replace and it is always better to have the Jacobs focus on them rather than a sniper turret. Search around the forums for "jacob traps" and "knob traps."
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