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  1. Ho I'm dumb, I only backed the game, not the "HD download" level of Kickstater. Thanks for your fast anwser, I'm buying the $10 VHX right now (well, the website seems down now, but as soon as possible)
  2. Great news, your documentary is amazing and I'm really glad that everyone can watch it now ! I didn't get, as a backer, where can I donwload the 1080p ? (maybe it's not up yet ?) Sorry if my question is dumb, thanks in adavance
  3. I agree with this topic, I'm french so I'll try to made my point as best as I can : - puzzles are way too easy, especially for Shay (the boy) - too few places to visit, a shame when you concider old great classic adventure games - lack of humor, I smiled few times but never laugh - as a result, the game feels "to short" The art, dubbing and musics are great (french subtitles are good too), as the story is also good and I want to play Chapter 2. But when I backed, all I wanted was a classic Point&Click; adventure game, as Day of the Tentacle or Sam & Max or The Secret of Monkey Island
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