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  1. Really enjoying the game so far. The art style and writing are fantastic and funny, the gameplay is solid, and you can see that there's lots of potential for future content. That said, there's some things I noticed that could be improved. Some of it has been posted already, but I wrote this down offline and am now too lazy to check for duplicates . I. General stuff 1. I'm usually playing it on a 3GS and the smaller bits of text are almost unreadable (e.g. ability descriptions). But I realize that readability optimization for a three-year-old device is probably not very high on your priority list. Honestly, I'm just glad I can play it, because quite a few recent games don't even work on the 3GS anymore. 2. I also think the tutorial at the beginning of the game could be slightly expanded, especially to describe what the different hero stats do, what "focus" is, and what exactly happens when you're late in completing crime events (i.e. not the end of the world, which was the assumption I was playing with for the first hour). 3. More content :-). But I hear you're already working on that . 4. More achievements! I love me some achievements . II. Bugs 1. The obvious "branch score is stuck" one 2. Unfulfillable goals, such as "Research a piece of equipment" when you've already researched all equipment. 3. Health bonuses from costumes don't get applied (Galaxy Girl, Crimebot) 4. Health values shown under the ♥ are always (employee file, selecting an activity station, justice request form) maximum health - except in the equipment selection dialog, where it's current health. 5. Ability training times in menu do not match real times. Example (assuming fully upgraded practice room & training dummies): MM's lvl 1 Summoned Slap lists 12:00 as required training time in the menu, the counter at the training dummy actually starts around 9:36 6. "Montage Soundtrack" is incredibly broken. It does not "decrease training time by 75%", but actually increases it by about 200%. Example (again assuming fully upgraded practice room & training dummies): SP's lvl 3 Lightning Shield (regular listed training time: 12:00) shows up in the menu with 23:16, and the counter at the dummy starts somewhere around 36 minutes. 7. Bedroom clipping. Characters simply walk through the two lower beds on their way to the upper ones. 8. In the ability selection dialog for each character, the last segment of the focus bar is always shown in a different color. Would be useful, if it adjusted to the selected ability and showed the amount of focus needed to use that ability (see suggestion IV.2. below), but right now it's just strange. Really minor, but hey. III. Text & Spelling 1. Rank of "Principle Hero": I'm guessing that should be "principal", as in "principal character" 2. Ability Training dialog lists requirements as "Awareness", employee file help calls it "intelligence" 3. Same for Research dialog, I think, but I can't double-check that since I've already researched everything. 4. Employe file help says for Intelligence "Research items and abilities, gain mana and ability power". I'm assuming the "mana" is supposed to be "focus", since that's what you're using throughout the rest of the game 5. Description of Focus-replenishing items is way off. Example: "Refreshing Beverage" says it will give "+75 Focus", but the actual in-battle popup says "+9 Focus" - which is also what I arrived at by counting the number of replenished focus bar segments. IV. Small Improvement Suggestions 1. Show Damage for abilities Regular attack damage is very easy, because power = base damage. For abilities you really don't have a good way to gauge the damage, unless you're paying very close attention to the enemy's health bar. Suggestion: In the ability selection dialog for each character, show the average damage for each ability (or protection or weakening of enemy or whatever applies). The ability damage increase of higher intelligence would be much more visible for players that way, too. 2. Show focus usage for abilities You cannot, before actually using an ability in combat, see how many focus bars it uses. Suggestion: In the ability selection dialog, show the amount of focus needed for the currently selected ability on the focus bar by coloring the segments differently. 3. Show costume stats There is no way to see what bonuses a costume gives after buying it. Suggestion: Include some way to look at the costume - perhaps even include more costumes with different stats and have the option to change them? 4. Show improved room/activity station bonuses There is now way to see what bonuses a room or activity station has already gained through upgrades. 5. Better button response Sometimes buttons don't register a tap - or the animation (i.e. depressed button) plays, but the expected action doesn't happen. It's usually fixed with a second or third tap, but it's still a little annoying. I've had this most often on the after-battle report "Continue" button. Well, that's what I noticed. Still really like the game, though, otherwise I wouldn't have written all this down .
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