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  1. Someone on the PS EU blog wrote the other day: "I used to work in the industry and still have some friends there who feed me bits of info from time to time. Here’s the basics. Costume Quest 2 failed QA for Sony Europe for Halloween 2014 as we all know. Double Fine did a quick resubmission to try and get the game quickly, PS3 version passed and was released, PS4 version failed and was blocked again. Double Fine however have taken the decision not to resubmit the PS4 version as it’s a themed game and the time has passed, put simply, they’ve done what Valve did with CS:GO. If SCEE won’t give them a free pass, they’ll simply not release in our region." Of course this quote isn't official, but is there any chance of getting an official comment on the situation? If it's not ever coming out on PS4, then I'll happily get it on Xbox 360, but without an official word from Double Fine... it's hard to know what to do.
  2. Any update on whether the PS4 EU version will ever see the light of day? Been so excited to play CQ2!
  3. Oh, fair enough, thanks for explaining. I've finished the game 3 times, but couldn't possibly do a 4th of 5th.
  4. I don't think the story is meant to be analysed to this extent (or supposed to be a focus)... it's really to set the theme that you're going on an adventure down the Cave. The game at heart is a puzzle game, and so the story is presented in tidbits to keep you moving forward. The story boils down to... selfish desires will never make you happy. Lastly, how does each character have two endings? I haven't come across this.
  5. Well the third playthrough took me less than 2 hours... so it's not as bad as it looks!
  6. I recently finished my 3rd playthrough of the Cave, and wanted to share what I thought were the best and worst character/level combinations. If anyone else has 100% completion, feel free to contribute. From best to worst (to be fair, all were good): 1) The Twins Reason: Perfect difficulty/immersive 2) The Knight Reason: Oozing with theme/humor 3) The Adventurer Reason: Not hugely difficult, but high-class level design 4) The Time Traveller Reason: Amazing level, but I got stuck on an early 'out-of-sight/out-of-mind' puzzle 5) The Monk Reason: Puzzles were a mixed bag (feather = ordinary, jugs = fantastic) 6) The Hillbilly Reason: Good level, but not as good as the above five 7) The Scientist Reason: Stage was a grey and dull
  7. I wish I had thought of this. Finished my 3rd playthrough yestetday, and finished the game so unbelievably quick (after already completing the 3 of the puzzles three times and 2 of the puzzles once). So, while it was slightly not as exciting, it's easy to plow through.
  8. Completely agree Nathan. my heart was in my mouth when this glitch happened to me. However, it was simple to fix, and as of today... I've finished 3 playthroughs with all characters. Amazing game and well worth persisting with the few tiny glitches.
  9. Exiting the game worked for me. There is an alternative walkaround here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/8431/ I wonder if this gamebreaking glitch is Microsoft's fault, because they are the ones that implement the 'Buy it Now' screen (as far as I am aware). So, I'm confident that this would not have been an issue when Double Fine submitted the game to Microsoft. If this is the case, you wouldn't think Double Fine would have to pay the $40k fee for a patch of this issue.
  10. The Cave is the first game I've finished where I have actually been excited to watch the credits. Over the past couple of months, my girlfriend and I have watched the Amnesia Fortnight and Adventure documentaries... and consequently have grown fond of the Double Fine team. When the Cave credits starting rolling... I was surprised and excited to see that Chris Remo was co-writer, and that JP was a designer/lead designer... and also recognising so many other great people: Levi, Brandon, Anna etc. It's a real testament to the amount of PR work DoubleFine has invested of late. Since watching the AF documentary, I became a Slacker Backer. Since becoming a Slacker Backer, I went back and purchased Psychonauts. I now own all of the DF games and, like everyone else on this forum, I want to support their fabulous work and ethos. Kudos, Steve
  11. I would agree with you if the game didn't look so damn good, it's a picturesque journey sort of game... plus most of the puzzles don't require everyone to be in the same location at once.
  12. On Xbox 360, I experienced a bug in the pirate cave. Femur bone did not spawn where the explosive barrels are located. I tried to figure out the solution for almost an hour, then watched a walkthrough and realised my game had glitched. I exited the game, clicked continue and the femur bone was there. Simple glitch but resulted in a lot of time wasted (because there was no way for me to know that the game had glitched). On a side note, finished the game once and absolutely love it (otherwise I wouldn't be on here trying to help!).
  13. Yeah, exact same thing happened to me (posted here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/8427/). It's good that there is a walkaround to this glitch (I personally exited to the dashboard, reloaded the game and then worked fine) but it's a horrible time for a glitch to occur (the second after someone has paid 1200 MSP).
  14. The Cave does a lot of streaming, so often this choppiness comes from HD access. Make sure you aren't doing things like downloading games in the background (which can hit the HD pretty hard). Also if it's an older machine, sometimes the drives get fragmented and gradually become slower. Often a reformat of the main hard drive can speed everything up. I'm having subtle frame rate issues on Xbox 360. I have a new 320 GB slim, and don't have anything downloading in the background. The issue isn't horrible, but it takes the game down a small notch. If it were patched, I know it's impractical (and maybe not even technically possible) with Microsoft charging $40k for every update... but it would make it a perfect gaming experience. The floating jumping is not an issue to me, like some reviewers have noted, but the frame rate issue is. Anyway, I don't feel entitled, I paid 1200 MSP and got a good game.... just sharing my thoughts.
  15. I also have a bug to report, but on the Xbox 360 version. I finished the demo, i.e. I jumped off the cliff into the water and it cut to the 'Buy Now' screen. I paid my 1200 points and continued playing, but the in-game camera immediately stopped functioning. I couldn't see my character and had to try and blindly jump out of the water. It also disabled the ability to swap between characters and the icon (showing which D-pad button is assigned to which character) had disappeared on screen. The camera glitch made the game unplayable so I clicked 'Save & Exit' and then 'Continue Game' but the same problem happened. It started me with all 3 characters at the top of the cliff, but as soon as I jumped into the water, the camera stopped functioning properly. I then exited the game completely (to the dashboard) and then loaded the game back up. It then worked perfectly. Other than that, amazing game!
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