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  1. I hope they do a few making-of videos, so we can find out sooner than later! I can't wait to see people actually doing something with it.
  2. No problem, it's not a "now" issue as much as a "I can see some time in the future wondering why that's behaving the way it does". I've just caught myself too many times toggling something to get something to work, only to realize it was in a totally different place. Like playing with the main volume wondering why there's no sound, then realizing the input was muted. Then you un-mute it and blast yourself into the wall because you cranked the volume so high trying to fix it.
  3. I have the original Theater Poster for this, so I can say they did texture the bike pretty well... at least for the time period. It just doesn't show up in the compressed video, limited palette or low-res sprites very well. I'm just glad they (might) have the original exhaust pipes... there are so many that it would take months to model all those again from scratch.
  4. Unfortunately, turning off everything doesn't seem to turn off the forum wanting permission to notify, which kept asking me after I turned everything off. I just didn't like having only the choice (through the browser) of either "always allow" or "always block", if there was a chance to just toggle the page wanting to do it. I'll probably change my mind and have no idea how to reverse it (or else forget I even made the choice and will have no idea why it's not working)
  5. Will there be a way to turn notifications off? Right now, there's nothing in the settings that does it. I don't particularly want them, and it constantly comes up with "This site wants to turn them on" no matter how many times I tell it "no." Which is almost as annoying as unwanted notifications while I'm in another tab would be.
  6. I'd say Jack Black, but I'm afraid it would get so crazy nothing would get done for anybody's team.
  7. After the start, I had to pause and take a walk for a bit. Powerful stuff. My thoughts go out to everyone who has touched the game, past and present. Thank you, so very much.
  8. Unfortunately I'm out of the country and Steam won't let me buy mine, or answer their support system. Sadness abounds.
  9. Ooooh, and that might cause one (or more) of your heroes to temporarily be out due to pregnancies.
  10. I wonder if the "retire them to make babies" part could be trouble. Especially considering the time between battles, that shouldn't really be a restriction. What if they have kids, but they can only train them if and when they retire? Then you'd have kids sooner, but they will be less effective "heroes" the longer you wait to sideline someone and train them.
  11. Oh boy, you're going to have a tough time avoiding spoilers. Or else they'll start making up stories and puzzles just to mumble when you're in earshot. "And then, when the aliens land and ask for shoes... Oh, sorry Justin. Didn't see you there."
  12. I'm so out of the loop, I've even been to their website twice and still don't know what Dwarf Fortress is. If I didn't have so many other games underplayed (or unplayed) I would add it to the pile just to see what I'm missing. But I'm missing so much, the "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" approach is the most practical to my sanity.
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