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  1. Sweet justice seemed the easy first pic because I was not impressed with the MM or GG stats. My next choice was crime bot because I actually thought he was cool.
  2. Superheroes: Captain Canuckle - costume red and white fist on chest, moose antlers on head. Powers: Moose head, a head butt using the antlers of a moose and the power of a bear. Maple sap, slow an enemy in syrup. Hockey slap hit multiple enemies with a hockey stick to the face. Villains: Pistachio & Bottoms up - pudding gone bad, and an unwanted possible dead goldfish. Flushed separately they have joined forces and fermented a plot to exact their revenge. Graphic: a fish floating upside down in a bowl of pudding. Missions: Similar to the fire and school buss missions you could have nuclear reactor missions that require multiple heroes, ie one with unit elegance to work the computers, one with strength to repair the damage and one that is tough to enter the reactor and contain it. If you use the 3 person mission to give people a reason to watch those cut scenes you could also make it into a game of Simon where you need to select characters in an order shown to you for a bonus.
  3. Just want to confirm this and add a bit more detail, to test I removed the character from the current lineup, added him back with the "Montage Soundtrack" equipped, restarted the training and recorded the time change. Equipping or unequipping the item during the workout had no effect (you may want to fix that). So as stated by wrathman the "Montage Soundtrack" had a negative effect on training abilities, an ability that took 3 min to train ended up jumping to 9 min with the "Montage Soundtrack" equipped. However the "Montage Soundtrack" did have a positive effect when training stats. A workout that was 79 min was reduced to 59 min with the "Montage Soundtrack" equipped, 75% of the original.
  4. Just want to start off by saying that I really enjoy the game and it is a great free to play game. I have one bug that I do not hing had been mentioned before and a few suggestions. Bug: - I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad retina. When I use the cloud save to swap between devices it works well. However when I do the time on the Mission map runs at double speed. So time on that map passes differently then base time, so if I wait 30 seconds for a character to rest it ends up running down the mission clocks by 60 seconds. The only way I can get around this by exiting the game and actually shutting it down (2 clicks on the home button press and hold the app, click x) when I restart the map will be back to the proper speed. Suggestions: - I do not know exactly what triggers a save, I believe it is completing a mission. could this be clarified or a save now feature be added. - The talking at the beginning of a mission overlays the heroes powers, this makes it somewhat tricky to launch a power right at the start of a mission. -- Could the talking either be moved or -- Could an opening power be selected prior to the fight. - When fighting the heroes seem to randomly either focus on one person or spread out and each fight one target. -- Could this either be a character setting or a group one. One note I would like to say is that for me time continues to run when I close the app, it will run for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes then after which it stops. Other than those minor things I can say that the gameplay is good and that I think that I just bought the coin duplicator just to say a small thank you for making such an entertaining and good game.
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