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  1. This is amazing news, my favourite game ever getting a well deserved re-release. Tim, you're a legend.
  2. Tim, you are a legend. Keep up the good work my man. Long live Double Fine.
  3. I know the game will be great, do whatever you gotta do Tim & co.
  4. Sensational, love the music and artwork. Great effort, well done to all on the reds team!
  5. That would be awesome. I have loved every part of this documentary so far, but it does seem to me that it'd be lacking a little if we didn't get to hear a bit more about the programming side. It's probably a bit harder to make interesting than the art side of things but it is a game after all and the programming is a massive part.
  6. I think Ron left DF after finishing The Cave so unfortunately it's unlikely! Agreed on all your points though. And with regards to following the dev process for specific tasks, I think some more sidequests on that could be good.
  7. Really enjoyed that, thanks! "Grim Fandango is my favourite game of all time"... Brandon is a man of good taste!
  8. As a nostalgic G.F. fan who only recently discovered this, I signed up as a Slacker Backer yesterday. Best 22€ I've ever spent I think. Watched all 7 episodes and several sidequests already which was worth the money alone. I almost feel like I'm robbing you, I might have to buy an extra copy of the game when it comes out to ease my guilty conscience.
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