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  1. haha, I just bought the bundle. Im a little gutted my financial situation right now means I have to make do with digital download version but im more than happy to be getting that Thanks for releasing this Doublefine. You guys rock. oh and more than once this week ive been bashing my head against the wall trying to figure out what to do in "The Cave"!!! That game is so frustrating, but in the best kind of way love it
  2. I'm really enjoying this to. I pre purchased about 10 days ago and was really happy when I noticed it was ready today :-) This is my first time playing a doublefine game and it won't be the last. Silly question maybe but is this the game that was funded with the kickstarter project? I ask because that is how I found out about these guys after someone mentioned how successful their kickstarter had been. Oh and I am using the twins, the knight and the hillbilly :-) I have to say the art and animation guys you have working on this game deserve a pay rise because it amazing, and it's so immersive. Thank you for this game doublefine xx
  3. I'm pretty sure that it's very hard for a developer to keep everyone happy. There is no way of them being able to test their game with every input device and combination of multiple input devices that are on the market today. I didn't try my controller, but I will soon. I prefer these types of games using a controller it seems much more relaxing. Anyway I hope it doesn't affect your game play to badly because this is a great game and it would be a shame to spoil your experience :-)
  4. Me to, now I suppose we just wait until they say something. I just got their new release The Cave and it is so cool its made the want this amnesia bundle even more than I did before haha. These guys are great developers and i always look forward to their stuff now.
  5. Thats good. Thanks Chris p.s. you guys are great to watch, very entertaining.
  6. Hi As the title says I am looking for the Amnesia Fortnight bundle. I know I am late to the party but I have really enjoyed watching the crew at Doublefine on twitch tv, and I am left a little empty inside thinking I wont get to enjoy the games at home on my own PC So if someone could let me know if its still at all possible to get this bundle from anywhere please let me know. p.s. willing to travel
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