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  1. edit: aargh, my very first double post. My apologies.
  2. On the chance that you can't find them or afford them, you could try this handy patch for good old Windows Solitaire that will let you play in Psychonauts style: http://v2.razputin.net/index.html@page=multimedia%2Fdownloads%2Fpsychocards.html
  3. I would love to participate in one! It's fun even for people who aren't masterful artists. It's amazing to see what some people can come up with with such simple tools.
  4. Hey everyone. I suppose I haven't been around in a while. Rest assured that it has been due to the pursuit of science! And hopefully I've learned to be a better poster along the way, because this old thread is a little embarrassing for me! (Now... whose email was that? I have to admit that it made me laugh.)
  5. You know, usually he's saving babies or walking his dog or driving the bus... But in Iron Man Stan Lee is a pimp. Or Something. Stylin'.
  6. Guys... guys! You're gonna make me cry here! The legendary Tara Strong voiced Shegore! (Of Powerpuff Girls, Danny Phantom, Rugrats, Jack and Daxter, Captain N... heck, I can't even go on enough!) Sigh, I am such an animation nerd
  7. Thanks for that picture. Now it will HAUNT my dreams. O_O I knew something sinister was afoot!
  8. Stark... was the perfect jerk. Just mean enough to others to be funny and amusing, but you still liked him in the end. Now what about War Machine? I saw if with some of my comic book loving friends, and we had a blast. Aside from being the most manly-movie I've seen in a whie, we got it have our OMGIT'SSTANLEE and other such moments. :3
  9. No irrational hate for Mr. Bun? Sheesh, it's tiring just to life his massive bunny hide! And his vacant gaze stares into the depths of my soul.
  10. I, and everyone else in the room at the time I was reading this, rofl'd. I am I big Warcraft nerd D: ...But now back to my Java-ing....
  11. 1.) Oh yes. They have Uno on the Xbox. Ooh, such Uno they have. 2.) Well, it's sort of a secret. It's a secret because it's sort of dumb. I kind of regret it now, because people think it stands for "Katie", but that's not so! In this case, I used it because Goldwolf was already taken. I am sensing the irony here, as I have stopped lurking by creating some sort of weird lurking thread. Sorry about that. This programming dealie is taking much longer than I had anticipated. Also you guys, Smash Brothers Brawl at 1762 2403 7012!
  12. *still working* Well, the only way I can figure it, they put the two halves of the computer that hold it in together while the pen was in the slot! Fear not though, I have another pen now! A better pen! Heh, these are so expensive.... I really caught me by surprise. Oi @_@ (By the way Poopdogjr, I got an Xbox despite the logical half of my brain. Now I'm prepared for Brutal Legend. My gamertag is KTGoldwolf if anyone wants to drop me a line, or challenge me to UNO. You know, just saying!)
  13. Sheesh Freedombattery! You found me, and now I have to leave my secret hiding spot. I will come back to this thread within 24 hours and create a post about my amazing adventure that took place during my small absence. It may or may not having anything to do with Super Smash Brothers Brawl, if that's what you're thinking. I'd have it done now, but the computer repair men got my tablet pen stuck inside my computer after I had to get it repaired from it's battle with that giant death dragon. It's frustrating. Still reporting from my iPod touch though!
  14. Allo, I've got Days of Ruin! If you want to play, PM me sometime. I'm pretty poor at it, so I'm sure you'll enjoy trouncing me!
  15. If you find it on the Internet it must be true! Every teacher's worst nightmare!
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