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    Hi. I'm Babbity Rabbity. I like long walks on the beach, Kibbles-n-Bits, and having my tummy rubbed. I'm somewhat of an artist, and a decent gamer. My average score on the xbox version of TF2 is 250-350 points, while on PC it is 10-30 points. My record on Brutal Legend has taken a beating recently due to the increase in tier 4 unit spam, which is practically uncounterable. Send me a message if you want to play Brutal Legend sometime.
  1. I think that was mostly | Dovsuckulus | telling them to use this strategy. If not... *cracks knuckles*
  2. This should help the newer players out there. And me. Anyways, post some common strategies people use and the best way you can think of to counter them. Ex: If your opponent is Ironheade and they're infantry rushing, an easy way to counter them as Doom is to get a few Ratguts and double team with them.
  3. Luckily for us, the Broods only take 1 load to build! So if you can distract the enemy with some gravediggers and earthshaking, the broods can pick everything off nice and easily.
  4. Actually, Broods cost 80 fans.They're Double Team isn't even close to as good, as far as I can tell. It can do quite a bit of damage and has a higher radius, but it doesn't usually kill units unless the rest of your army is already attacking them.
  5. The only way I could think of getting those pictures is by taking them yourself in-game. Does anyone know where I can find someone who wants to play Brutal Legend more than once a month?
  6. There'd be one more nice person if you ever played it again.
  7. I believe so. It does damage to both the rock crusher and frightwig, but the rock crusher still only takes its normal damage (I think).
  8. If the enemy is rock crusher rushing, use an upgraded Frightwig to steal it, then keep one or two as backup. Ratguts are the most dangerous thing against lower tier Coil and Razor Girl rushes. Make sure to double team so that they can't take out the ratgut so easily. You should always get 3 upgraded brides and 2 or 3 organists, along with a dirigible. You can pretty much fill up the rest of your army with anything and it'll still decimate. I suggest a few upgraded gravediggers, a ratgut, a lightning rod, and a treeback, if you still have room. When fighting coil, look out for Pain Lifters. Someone who knows how to use them can destroy your debuff units pretty quickly. You don't have too much to worry when fighting Ironheade other than Bladehenge Assault.
  9. Are you willing to part with the lack of cooldown and production cooldown for a Bleeding Death? Of course. I'm almost always forced to keep my army at my base if the enemy Bleeding Death rushes on a large level. I misread. Against Coil...how will IH and DD be effected by such a rule? Say what you will about Rockcrushers, Ironheade is in trouble without one. Well, the Rock Crusher's cooldown wouldn't be as long, but they still shouldn't be able to spam nothing but them. And Doom's Treeback could probably be the least of all, if it even needs one. Treebacks aren't too great without some debuffers backing them up.
  10. Are you willing to part with the lack of cooldown and production cooldown for a Bleeding Death? Of course. I'm almost always forced to keep my army at my base if the enemy Bleeding Death rushes on a large level.
  11. We also need to have a time put between building tier 4 units so I can play Pleasure Garden against Coil without having no chance.
  12. Babbity_Rabbity


    They could just have people from around the studio do their best accent and have them for the units, but they'd have to get Fleetus's voice actor back in.
  13. Babbity_Rabbity


    Recently, my avatar has just sat there even when I mash the attack button. Which is weird, because the enemy avatar won't even have hit me within the past second or two.
  14. Babbity_Rabbity


    Scottish folksongs and heavy metal mix. Just that weird music would make me play that faction every match.
  15. I really hope they don't take any of the Stage Battles out of any future Brutal Legend SP games, whether it be a sequel or DLC. If anything, they can expand and add even more enemies on the screen at the same time, which we already know is quite a few. On the contrary, Double Fine needs to study the campaigns of the handful of games who have the same style of multiplayer. In other words, Battlezone and Sacrifice. They mix up the battles with unique scenarios within the campaign. Such as convoy missions (missions with a limited set of units getting from one point to another.) Also, I want Double Teams to be expaned even further, with each DT handling like a separate character. For example, when Double Teamed with a Razor Girl, they should have their own Light and Heavy attacks, as well as some kind of Block button. There is potential for more unique combinations this way. Edit: I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it would need a lot of balancing. And we all know that DF was rushed to get the game out. I picture a Razor Girl Double Team changing so that A is a semi automatic shot and X is a grenade launcher. Something more challenging and less automatic. (Not that Razor Girls aren't awesome.) I think the reason that double teams aren't that complicated is to that its possible to counter them. If someone figured it out, I'm sure there'd be an unstoppable combo for some of the early infantry units, and they could easily take out a stage.
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