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  1. I wanted to share my opinions too, it's probably a good place to do so. Great things: - The art, it's beautiful and amazingly consistent in each world. It really blew my mind from the beginning. The animation is great too. - The music is also particularly splendid. - Some dialogs are really hilarious, I had a lot of fun going though every possibility (I think the spoon dialogue was one of the best of the game ) - Contrary to some people here, I find that the difficulty is increasing through the game (with vaster environments at the end, the solutions are less trivial that at the beginning). - The plot: these two stories and how they intertwine are really nice. - The pointing system, which allows to never miss small objects like in other games. - And let's not forget Oliver ! My experience had no bug (or maybe one small display bug, when the bucket is put on the tree, it does not appear before a few seconds) Things that I think might be improved: - Even though increasing through the game, I agree the difficulty is too low overall. - I had a hard time understanding the excitement of Shay when he meets Marek. I thought that I would really feel some danger for Shay, but what Marek offers is only saving these little creatures we don't know anything about through mini-games. It's hard to feel the same excitement as Shay: why would rescuing these little creatures be so exciting ? I regained some interest when getting to the dangerous planet though. Did anyone has this feeling too ? That the plot at that moment was a bit strange ? Overall it's a really amazing experience, congratulations^2 Reds team !
  2. Omg omg ! I usually love when I receive an email from you guys, since it's usually a new amazing episode of the documentary, but this time I just can't wait ! The trailer looks great, and you all deserve exceptional congratulations for going through and delivering the first part of the game.
  3. This was my favorite moment as well. Amazing episode overall !
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