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  1. I know this isn't probably the most helpful answer, but have you tried calling DF about this?
  2. Would Crash Bandicoot qualify as a proper adventure game? That was my very first game and a treasure it was I still play it occasionally too!
  3. I live in the states, currently. :3 Does that mean I get priority--hahahaa... because, you know, everything seems to come out first over here than anywhere else.
  4. Wait, Sly cooper: Thieves in time are is already coming out so soon?!! Skool, stahp takin all ma tyme!! D:
  5. Personally... I don't see how that could be bad? I mean, it's causing you to do something good; even if it is for what people may categorize as the "wrong reasons."
  6. If time had a direction, would our world map look upside-down? If it didn't, then what does "back in time" or "Back then" or "The time when" mean?
  7. I have noticed that of late. It's a shame |: It's funny how 2000ish everyone wanted multiplayer in games because it was fun and gave more of a challenge and team work.Now I wish everything was single player again cause only idiots plays online. Says the guy who is constantly pestering everyone to play online with him.Haha, that is true! But that's because playing pubs with random people is impossible. I sware their either retarded or stupid, and they never talk and when they do talk it's to bitch at everyone. Perhaps we could become a dynamic duo?
  8. I can relate to that too. Although, believe it or not, I mostly played WoW for the social aspect and I was always the scrub with the worst gear and lowest level in my guild. I usually would just grind and talk on the guild chat or LFG chat just to talk people. Sadly, after WotLK people have become less social and more focused towards getting to end game or maxing out their rep or running raids to get best gear--constantly. I still remember vividly how I quit the game and somewhat regretted that I never got to play the new content. My highest level ever was with a level 66 warlock. I never actually did a raid before either. ahah... It irks me how large communities can eventually go to crap. /:
  9. And I must say (sorry for whomever actually enjoys LoL), it is the worst game I have ever played online. I say that solely because of its player base. I have played 4 games and every single one of them I was called a troll because I was "feeding" or something like that. I couldn't even just enjoy the game! And, to pour salt onto the wound, they used a lot of lingo and expected me to understand it! I was mocked the entire game T___T Anyway, I don't want this to be a rant. I'm just curious. Is the LoL community really that crass? Or was this some very bad coincidence.
  10. 0_0 These are amazing?! How long did they take you to make??
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