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  1. These are probably in the "We already know about this" pile, but just in case they aren't...
  2. Of course they should... in the original he changes to his panic-face as soon as Dr. Fred tells them, he's never tested the Chron-o-John on humans and starts the machine. Oh yeah, it's the same expression that's in your screenshot of them going through time. So if the remastered screenshot is before Dr Fred tells them, that shouldn't need to be changed? I'm guessing they already have Bernard's panic face. You did a good job!
  3. Thanks! So I think it's pretty safe to assume that his face in the Chron-O-John is his "main" face. So my next question is, should they give new animations in situations where originally it would been the default animation? Should they give him a new face for just before he gets sent through time? Or another situation? I think if done right it actually could be a plus, but if done wrong, even slightly, the game would be worse off.
  4. There's also this one but I'm 99% sure that's an idle animation so is probably not indicative of the "main" facial expression. Does anyone remember if his expression changes (not including idle and dialog animations) in the original game? I really can't remember. And yes, that screenshot with verbs is definitely fake, I thought there was a chance it was real cause of how close some of it looked to the official screenshots. But that's fine I guess, shame widescreen with verbs probably won't happen. It's easy to do the entrance to the mansion, but lots of rooms don't have that information on the sides already and they won't do all that extra drawing for something most people would only use a couple of times. They could've given them fancy borders, like the left side of the basement, but with no screenshot I now think the chances are very slim. But I must say I think the screenshots look great, exactly what I was hoping for. I'm even more excited to play again.
  5. I think this is why Bernard's expression looks happier during that scene: On the left is from the start of the game after the cutscenes, one of the main expressions used when he's walking around the mansion. The right is from the scene discussed earlier. At least to me, they look exactly the same, so they are probably tied to the same animation file. They would've interpreted that expression as more neutral because that's what fits better for the casual wandering. Of course, they could change it so in this scene he has an expression that fits a more sad/scared look, but that might be getting too revisionist. I think the original pixel art could be interpreted both ways in the different situations, so a change here might be for the best. I really can't say. Oh and also http://www.zockernachrichten.de/day-of-the-tentacle-remastered-auf-der-indiecade-spielbar/ If the image on this page is real it looks like we'll be able to use the verbs while still widescreen, adding extra to the sides of the main image. Nice! For me that's gonna be an extra replay! (The expression here is different again, it looks less happy than the time travel scene! Maybe it's fake, or they decided Bernard should look happier before travelling time. Time to stop posting, just confusing myself now.)
  6. It's not so much stretching, more cropping. However I remember a few posts from DF saying the widescreen version was the preferred framing. I would imagine it is similar to movies "open matte" format, where the 4:3 version shows more, but the director isn't really considering what gets shown there, hence the occasional visible boom arm and other visible mistakes. That's obviously not a problem here cause it's not filmed, yet no significant art is put in the extra areas. Honestly though, I think it's best just to play in whatever ratio is closest to your monitor.
  7. The game was designed for widescreen with extra areas painted to support 4:3. They would've had to paint even more to have 5:4 without letterboxing, which in my opinion isn't worth it cause it's only a very small amount of letterboxing. Set the resolution to 1280x960 and turn of stretching on your monitor and it will be natively showing the pixels with very small black bars at the top and bottom.
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