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  1. I think my reaction at the end of Act 1 was jaw dropping followed by a "Bwah?!?!" Makes me wonder what the real purpose of Operation Dandelion is.
  2. So I've got a bit more play experience and wanted to post my overall impressions of the game. Story and puzzles- It feels like the two stories are sort of mirror images of each other. I don't know if that was intentional. Vela's story and what she is trying to accomplish seem pretty straightforward. Her puzzles feel pretty open ended though. Consequently her puzzles took me longer to figure out and I had several "A-ha" moments. Shay's story is much more open ended feeling. I have several questions like, "Who is Marek and are what we doing actually what he says we are doing?" "Are the computer's actually computers?" and a few others. His puzzles feel much more straightforward and I never was left scratching my head trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. I think because of this, his story felt much shorter because I spent so much less time working through his puzzles. Visuals- I don't think I've ever played an adventure game like this before. It does a really good job of integrating cutscenes and game play. Usually to me it feels like your character is superimposed on the background and you are just walking around on hot spots. In Broken Age, it seems like your character is much more part of the world and the world seems a lot more alive. Especially in places like Meriloft. Finally, a few bugs to report: I noticed that the subtitles were off screen during the second meeting with Marek when I talked to him about the boom arms(using Full Screen and resolution 1920x1200) and my game crashed when I met the lumberjack and asked for his name. Hopefully, that is all for now.
  3. Have to say I'm really surprised how cinematic the game looks and feels. It really highlights the beautiful artwork. Great job to the programming and artists. I was also really surprised on how well Elijah Wood's voice fits Shay's so well. Also, great use of the spoon to introduce the inventory and using items. Very natural feeling. Let's see how the rest of the game goes.
  4. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. I can't wait to try Act 1 tomorrow.
  5. I have to say watching this episode and then watching the first few episodes, really lays out the incredible journey this game has taken. It makes me really "inspired" and really points out the heart of the Double Fine team. I hope this game revives the adventure game genre. Thanks to 2 Player Productions for filming this. You guys do amazing work.
  6. It was interesting to hear Bagel's comment near the end. If he feels that the art is better than it was a year ago...could we potentially see an even better looking Act 2?
  7. Perhaps, in order to appoint someone "Regent/Steward" they would need to be Vassals of that particular bloodline. Also perhaps, when you "retire" someone to become head of a keep, they lose out on some classes but gain access to new ones. Vassals could also have access to special classes. Free roaming heroes could have access to others.
  8. That's a really interesting idea. How about a Vassal system? Maybe only certain job types are available to Lords/Ladies and Vassals have other certain types of jobs?
  9. I think this ties directly in with what is the game world's history? Personally, if it were me designing the story of this game, I would design it as follows. Long ago, there was a great battle between humans and demons. The humans manage to win but at the cost of one human king. By tying this king to "power of the realm", this king gains great power and becomes the "Immortal King" who watches over the land. After the war with the demons, the lands grew peaceful and with much passage of time, the elements designed for warfare(i.e. the tech tree, the keeps, the various heroes and perhaps other elements) all faded away. Since there is no need (assuming no civil wars under the Immortal King's watch) all those are now lost and are but legends(this also opens the path for Legendary Relics and the likes). So now the demons have rebuilt enough were they are slowly leeching out into the world and at first are just small skirmishes. Maybe these small skirmishes are invisible unless you are really proactively monitoring. As more and more demons make their way into the world, they are probing areas to check which area would be weakest(another important reason to keep your keeps in a fighting state). Eventually they commit to a large scale attack when they discover an area they deem weak enough. If you lose that keep, I would imagine that it would become more difficult to dislodge them from the world. Even if you did, you would now need to dedicate resources to those keeps and that would draw away resources from other keeps that could still be getting skirmishes. On the grand strategic side, I would imagine that like in XCom, you would have some overarching goal that would lead to some sort of endgame. I can think of two ideas. 1) You would be searching for a legendary relic that allows you to seal the demons away(maybe captured by the demons or it's location is just lost to antiquity) 2) You would be searching for the location of some grand Demon King to slay(maybe the land itself is the location of the demons and the subjugation of the land is the endgame. This would imply that the reason the demons begin appearing is that the Immortal King became complacent in his watch or something)
  10. I think as long as heroes can be discovered through events and desirability of traits are fluid, there should be no problem genetic diversity wise. Discovering new talents would be a nice way to involve new weapon tech. For example, suppose starting heroes in the world start off with spears being thrown as a distance weapon. Some keep invents a bow. Now for a thrown spear, arm strength could be more important than accuracy. Maybe most of heroes that are alive today, have superior arm strength but inferior concentration and accuracy. This benefits current heroes. Some new child is born/or discovered to have superior accuracy and concentration but less arm strength. If only spears were around, the child wouldn't be the greatest range weapon user but now with the invention of the bow (which is a superior ranged weapon) the child is now the one who benefits while older heroes are less favorable.
  11. An idea for managing equipment especially relics is having a "Tome of History". You could reference the Tome, it could provide an index of all the relics and who currently holds it. If you click on the that relic, you could get a more in depth history of that item. As for armor, maybe if it requires research, maybe you could have a base level armor. If you get iron armor research in a certain keep, all heroes have access to that level of armor. Maybe you could allow some sort of trade system, that allows for armor or weapons to be traded to other keeps. You might even be able to setup a dowry system and tie it into marriage system.
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