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  1. After you solve the puzzle to get the ladder down to the ground and bust through Curtis' roof, you are still able to return to the Cloud Colony (even though you've apparently killed F'ther and stranded Lightbeard on top of the guard tower), so why are there no new dialogue options for any of the characters? Carol and Maggie both want to leave Meriloft, so why don't they at their first available opportunity? I thought it would have been very funny if they had piled down the ladder as part of the cutscene after Vella breaks the platform as the father tries to convince them to come back. Maggie has even claimed to have tried to escape before, so why doesn't Vella tell her the good news about the ladder when she goes back?

    I had to go back up to get the puzzle solution and I was very excited to see how things had changed, but I had already exhausted all the dialogue options so when I talked to them all I got were the "goodbye" lines. Before this they had interacted with Vella somewhat like real people and now it felt like they were animatronic puppets that had short circuited and stopped working. It was eerie and disappointing. Did anyone else feel this way upon returning to Meriloft?

  2. I should correct my phrasing. There are hints, but there is no hinting system. The hints are not optimized to the point where the player only receives them when they are stuck. I agree that the hint system could take the form of dialogues, but those dialogues should only be available when the player needs them.

    I'd agree that the flavor text felt mostly impersonal and that there was seemingly a dearth of things to examine. My main problem is that I would sometimes solve puzzles by accident, which is something I haven't experienced in an adventure game before.

  3. That's the problem, we do not live in the Grim Fandango era anymore. We have easy access to walkthroughs and a lot of the modern adventure games come with a progressive hint system. There's not that "fear" of gamers stuck for hours anymore.

    A good point, although I personally feel very dissatisfied if I have to go look at a walkthrough to get the answer to a puzzle. I would have preferred more complex puzzles with an intelligent hint system, but that's not the solution they used for Broken Age. I imagine there must have been some rationale for not implementing hints, and that's a question I'd like to see addressed in a future episode of the documentary.

    I think the main problem people are having is that in Broken Age, Double Fine has removed a lot of the artificial difficulty of adventure games. There is no pixel hunting or many of the other frustrating tropes of classic adventure games. By increasing usability have they made the game too easy? Should they increase the obfuscation of the puzzles to make it more "classic"? And even if they did would that be what people really wanted? I'm very interested to see what they do next.

  4. If you watch the Double Fine GDC Next talk, Tim talks about his methodology for coming up with puzzles for Broken Age and how he didn't want the puzzles to be a repeat of Grim Fandango's because so many people came up and told him they loved the game but they weren't able to finish it because they got stuck on a puzzle. I think the relative simplicity of the puzzles in Act 1 is a result of Tim and the people at Double Fine wanting to make sure everyone can experience the entire game. As people have commented, whether an individual feels the puzzles are too simple or not is a matter of personal opinion. I believe the design of the first act is meant to encourage players so they feel like they can get through the story before introducing more complicated puzzles in Act 2. Whether this bears out or not remains to be seen, but I prefer to stay hopeful.

  5. A couple of times upon exiting Curtis' house, the middle layer(s) of the scene are not rendered, so I can see Curtis' house and the layer of grass in the very front of the scene, but the mailbox and other parts of the middle layer are rendered as a black box. The second time this happened the textures for the options screen didn't show up either and it was slightly difficult to save and quit without being able to see the buttons.

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