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  1. ...and done! Insanely happy and SO excited. It took 11 hours to complete, and clocked up 27 hours in total. Congratulations on an amazing game!!
  2. With Two-And-A-Half-Hours-To-Go before codes are sent out, when are people planning to play BROKEN AGE? Last time, I waited for the first update to hit I was spooked by bugs and always get anxious about hitting a puzzle I can't solve because of a glitch in ANY point-and-click. But I'm playing as soon as I get my hands on that code. Anyone planning on waiting on purpose? Can't. Wait.
  3. Yeah, I just noticed these today!? One has Marek taking off his costume. I can't connect all of them to what we currently have in ACT 1. Maybe they're ready for activation with the ACT 2 launch!?!
  4. ^this is what I read at first. I was like "what, you're not even going to take a toilet break? You daren't leave your computer in case BA part 2 comes out while you're gone?" I am silly If there was a game release camping queue outside of Double Fine HQ, they would have that exact problem.
  5. I am so prepared. I'll be here, waiting patiently in excitement.
  6. It was completely disheartening to watch the subdued atmosphere taking centre stage as the anticlimactic aftermath of ACT 1's dust settled. We all want people to love the game and see you love making it. Hugs to you all. Hugs and cookies and good times. And puppies.
  7. Also, Vella will be able to use her cloud shoes on the whipped cream Shay couldn't walk on
  8. C'rol drops her knife through the clouds, which should land somewhere in The Forrest (given that Meriloft is above it) My theory is it landed in the area beyond the snake and will be an instrument in a puzzle for Shay in Act 2! Also, Shay mentioned the hexopal vacuum (from the kitchen) is the only machine capable of opening the garbage chute after he climbed in when he was two. Pretty sure that could be a useful puzzle solution for Vella. And through Marek, Shay could communicate with Vella via his ear piece OR Vella could spy on Shay without his knowledge. Anyone notice any other items that will be used in Act 2?
  9. OH! i've never thought to do a speed run, but I wanted to see if there was any animation I missed by finishing Vella first and Shay second (having done it the other way round on first play through) and got 40 minutes. Did you have to do the friendship hug mission 3 times to get the crochet hook? I didn't enter the room until after breaking the cycle and thought it really should jump straight to the hook. Hmm... 27 sir? Applause!!
  10. Sorry to be confusing and condescending, was not my intent By 'the whole thing' I had meant the ACT 1 ending of Mod Chothra was the spceship and Shay and Vella would meet. (although to clarify, I had not suspected it would be the Act 1 ending until Shay lost gravity and the stars fell off behind him) As convenient as it is to claim that after the fact, I suppose you can take it or leave it. Ever met one of those annoying people who whispers the ending of a movie 20 minutes in? That's me Something I hadn't suspected is them meeting, and then swapping. I thought there was going to be teaming up (but it most certainly will be a part of ACT 2 towards its ending) So "the whole thing" was a gross overstatement... As to why all this is happening, I have no idea and can't wait to find out. And I hope it has something to do with a time machine
  11. I completely saw the whole thing early on. But I went in thinking both stories were playing out at the same time. It was frustrating that after seeing the hexagonal windows on Mog Chothra, it basically confirmed how they had been interacting all along. I am hoping the simplistic nature of all the narrative & puzzle solving IS the red herring for a more complex, table turning element to be revealed in Act 2. For now the curtain has revealed the man behind it and the true nature of all things are to come! My only hiccup (from my certainty), was a passing comment from MOM's AI being programmed from Sugar Bunting (probably the Aunt?) and The Dead Eye God being a spot on 40 year old Shay. I assume there will be some time travel in ACT 2 as the vibe and logic of everything really bring out the best elements of adventure games we love. Will grandpa really be Vella in disguise? HA HA! (no)... (maybe)
  12. It's short (comparatively to say Monkey Island) about 4 hours long. I know that I'd love to keep going right now. So if you want to play 8 hours and play the whole thing, then wait. But I played ACT 1 so that I could keep watching the documentary episodes. It's such a great game, and it does has a satisfactory "end of act 1" feeling of accomplishment. Like it ties stuff up and has a definite "half way" feel. Your call. But documentary episodes with spoilers was what got me
  13. I'm not bothered that part 1 is released early, but I wont be playing until the whole game ships, and don't mind waiting any amount of time. I'm sure others will feel the same.
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