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    An ex Musician & Programmer for the Vic 20, C16, C64 & Amiga but now creates remixes and remakes of classic 8 & 16 bit games.
  1. It was showing as a 6 hour delay a short time ago but steam has now updated it until tomorrow now so should be around 8.00 am GMT, still it's nothing major.
  2. It is only delayed by 6 hours so nothing to worry about.
  3. Some of the best games in history were budget £1.99 games, some of mine were on the Firebird and Mastertronic labels, shame this seems to be lost on modern publishers, playability is what it should be about and nothing else.
  4. Release date is now confirmed 23rd January
  5. Glad that you liked that deal, i'm a moderator at GMG and yes am amazed at the price, it's a steal really and it's selling rather well.
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