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  1. I like the good endings, because it shows that happiness does not come from getting what you want at the expense of others. The characters were happy because they had realized that their own selfish desires were not what would satisfy them. They realized it wasnt about them.
  2. Don't tell anyone, but I didn't wash my hands after launching the missile! #thuglyf
  3. he said in an interview that it would have light platforming elements, ie no missed jumps
  4. The gear looks amazing! and they game looks amazing too! so you get 2 aweshum things for only 15 bucks.
  5. not sure about the "breathtaking 3d world" but the rest looks solid.
  6. Hillbilly, twins, and either knight or time traveler.
  7. Graphics card is %5 slower than minimum... everything else is fine. How much of a difference will this make if I turn all the settings down?
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