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  1. All sorted! Received an email from someone called Sadie from Humble with a link to a page where I could redeem the game.
  2. Has anyone had this sorted out? I've been waiting hours now for a reply from Humble Support.
  3. At least now we know what's going on! Thanks. We've all waited this long already. One more day can't hurt!
  4. Gah. Humble support are now telling me to contact Double Fine, who are telling me to contact Humble support.
  5. I contacted them too. Their reply was pretty quick but the guy on the other end got confused and thought I wanted keys from the Double Fine Bundle they ran a while back. I replied to clarify but I've had nothing back since.
  6. I got a response from Humble Bundle support but it looks like they think I'm after keys for the Double Fine Bundle from May of last year, not Broken Age.
  7. A few of the other winners are over here http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/11713/ It looks like they haven't sent our keys yet.
  8. I just shot a PM over to DF Chris Remo, too.
  9. Just checked the old PM, Leroy won that giveaway as well... should one of us contact that giveawayperson or something? I think the guy who sent out the PMs, Klink, is just a regular user? Who would we need to talk to?
  10. so did i! hah. so is it just us still waiting now? Oh. Perhaps it IS just us lot then...
  11. Haha I won in that too! I thought it was because of that at first but it looks like there's more people with no codes
  12. Another Slacker Backer here. I’ve not had my key come through yet. I’ve checked my spam and tried to ‘claim past purchases’ on the Humble page but there's nothing there. The 'lost key resender' is bringing no joy either. Does anyone know if there's anything else I could try?
  13. Another Slacker Backer here. I've not had my key come through yet either. I've checked my spam and tried to 'claim past purchases' on the Humble page. I just hope they haven't forgot about us slackers and that they're still going out!
  14. Elijah Wood voicing Shay, the male character.
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