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  1. Mine is sorted too - albeit without all te running around Toff had to do, first I got the generic reply from humble, minutes later they emailed me again saying they had the list of winners and they could see my username so they sent me a gift link.
  2. I was a comp winner - got an email back from humble support with a link, haven't tried it yet but I assume everything will be in order. Noice.
  3. Another forum winner here. It should be coming to the email address I have registered here? That's all DF have I would imagine... Not in my spam folders either. According to Chris above we should have it? Maybe I'll hit up humble support in a few hours if nothing...
  4. I have nfi lol, world's apart is kinda good... my own submission was "headstrong", because it sounds like the protagonists don't think before acting (well.. sort of, I'm sure female thought "I really don't want to die how do I save myself" lol). But I'm sure there's a better way of putting it.. World's Apart makes me think of a game like Tiny Bang Story for some reason lol... no idea why... maybe I don't like it now... Divide.. hmm...
  5. I was gonna say wow 1% is an awesome failure rate... but that's still $30k when you are talking about $3Mil lol... but I guess that's been made back in slacker backers...
  6. Dare to Dream was great. Hard to believe it was made by the same guy who did Gears of War. I'm pretty sure the Shareware version of that game was among the very first things I ever downloaded after getting my first shiny modem. Hey hey! Another person who played it! I knew they were out there, but you are officially the first one I've ever met. Is it too late to jump on the D2D group hug? One of the first PC games I would have played outside of school as well, shareware version on my uncles 486 in win 3.1. I finished it back then.. I played the first ep recently and couldn't finish it though lol... wonder what I missed.. I remember seeing the third episode for $15 or $25 or something in a PC shop once, but I was probably still <10 at the time so couldn't afford it lol. I do have them all on my HDD now from the high seas of the internet but as mentioned, haven't finished the first ep yet so still haven't played 2-3 lol. I never even made the connection that gears of war Epic was D2D Epic... hmm, now I might actually try gears of war lol.
  7. Wow - some awesome looking games here I'll have to look into. Everyone here would know it, but I have no mouth and I must scream has a great atmosphere and even friends who used to know what adventure games were back in the day hadn't heard of it. Don't know how I heard of it.
  8. Are these different videos to the Humblebundle link/Blu ray doco?
  9. Oh wow, this must have been what I had too - because I have the 4 cds but no box (my teenage years are a little.. lets say hazy), and I had dune 2000 as well. Don't remember having Prophecy.. I probably just never played it lol. The other games have gone Awol but I still have blade runner - I remember it being awesome. Haven't tried to play it on my new (well.. it was new in 2006) computer. I think I got up to a scene where - SPOILERS BELOW - you are tied to a chair and need to escape... I don't remember if I got out of the chair, but I remember around there is where I stopped - END SPOILERS... not really spoilers I guess lol.. and it's 15 years old but whatever.
  10. I really enjoyed Time Gentlemen, I haven't played Ben There... yet. The Metal Dead is pretty fun, I haven't finished it though. I'm playing Runaway A Road Adventure right now.. but it's pretty damn annoying... 3 times I have gotten stuck, and known what I needed to do, but had to resort to waving my mouse wildly around the screen to find an item that I didn't spot before. Oh that dark blue shape is DIFFERENT to the other dark blue shapes right next to it.. Ohhh kay. I mean I don't want items to sparkle or anything, but having them not look like they are part of the wall maybe.. /sigh. Also, red herrings... sooooooo many red herrings... I feel like 1/2 the game is spent picking up red herrings and trying to use them where it looks logical only to find out, no, you need another item - basically the same - but "correct" to do that. Some bad logic too.. The story is decent though. Hoping the series gets better... I have the second one too... maybe I should just play some better ones people are recommending here lol. Why isn't Monkey Island 1+2 Special Edition on here? They were released within the last 10 years ;-)
  11. Thanks so much!! Champion. I responded, but also can't tell if my message sent... Nothing in my sent items.
  12. Indy + Last Crusade was so great... in hindsight my uncles discs must have been copies, I never remember seeing the manuals.. not sure how we got past the CP bits lol... maybe he did have them and we (my cuz and I) just played from save games... either way, I have fond memories of the game, especially the castle for some reason. No idea how we worked stuff out back then, but getting the big guy drunk on the trophy full of beer was highlight to a 7 year old for some reason lol.
  13. That is weird... I've never had an issue d/l stuff from the US store either (I'm in Aus too). Maybe try a free DNS changer like tunlr.net if it's still going. Not as smart as a vpn, but I can still access stuff like Hulu using it..
  14. I WANT TO BE A SLACKER BACKER FOR ADVENTURE!!! Very generous :-) I too was waiting for pay day this month (only just realised there even was a slacker backer about a month ago) only to find the price pushed up dang it.. well if I don't win one of these, hopefully I can afford it prior to it being finished, I want to see that doco.
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