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  1. Broken Age Backer Release!

    Guess i got lucky. A few hours ago (ca. 06:30 AM/GMT+1) I was able to download the DRM - free version (Build 2.0.786383) from my Humble Bundle Page. Now it is no longer possible. EDIT: The direct download link still works
  2. Broken Age Act 2 - Metacritic

    The Review is no longer online . But google cache still has it http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:mCnBN4NodEkJ:www.gameinformer.com/games/broken_age__act_ii/b/pc/archive/2015/04/20/happily-ever-after.aspx+&cd=5&hl=de&ct=clnk&gl=de
  3. Yeah, Thanks!!! Im Downloading it :-D
  4. Your first adventure game?

    My first Adventure Game was Maniac Mansion on C64. Later on my AMIGA 500: Zak, Monkey, Loom, indy....all the good old Lucasfilm Games. I miss those times so much :-(
  5. MASSIVE CHALICE - are you backing?

    Already backed 90$! Not just because of the game, but because of my love for Double Fine ♥♥♥
  6. Hi, I need to change my Forum E-Mail Adress. My old address is no longer valid. But if I change the address, I have no more access to the Backers forum :-( Can anyone help me? Sorry for my bad english, I only had French as a foreign language in school ;-)