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  1. Well I just finished Act 1! Overall it was a great experience and I really enjoyed playing through this very much. I think my favorite character was the tree that was disgusted by humans and our brutal treatment of his brethren. His voice acting and animations were fantastic and made me laugh out loud. The whole stool story line with him and Curtis was hilarious and could only be thought up by a comedic genius, and the whole animation where the stool was presented to him was brilliantly done. All the environments themselves were very immersive and I loved the little details. I loved the shot in the spaceship where you are viewing Shay through the upper window and there is a window washing bot in the foreground. I encountered a few bugs, but I think they have all been mentioned on this board already. The game froze on me only once during the snake and tuba scene when I tried to skip the blowing on the horn scene by hitting space. If I had one minor gripe, I don't know if I am just getting smarter or better at adventure games in my older age, but the game seemed pretty easy in terms of difficulty. I really did not get stuck or hung up at all while playing through, almost like I was playing on rails. More often than not, the item you need to solve a puzzle was just given to you, or if not, you just had to visit the one room you hadn't visited yet and it it will be given to you (whipped cream or crochet needle for example). There were also multiple mentions of peach pits, so when the Riddle at the pyramid came about, I instantly figured that out when they mentioned a pit. I really enjoyed the story a lot. I went into this thinking "Whatever Tim Schafer, just give me a few jokes and puzzles, I don't need to be told about coming of age" but by the end I was really invested in their story, and the twist at the end of Act 1 was wonderful. I can't wait for Act 2 to continue the story and see what happens! Here are just a few random thoughts of things that stuck out to me: -The camera is too zoomed in and erratic when following Vella out of Curtis' cabin -I want a Gary the Grabbing robot -I inadvertently opened my inventory more than a few times by accidentally clicking on the bottom left corner -Voice acting in general was top notch -Mog Chothra is a great name -I wish there was still a dialogue tree available even after you have exhausted all lines of dialogue with someone Very well done Double Fine! You already have my money for the next KickStarter Adventure Game! Hope this was helpful!
  2. How dare you doubt Tim?! The man is responsible for the best adventure games ever!
  3. I'm kind of curious: Can we get some kind of idea as to how long Brokern Age is going to be? In my mind, Grim Fandango and Full Throttle were two ends of the spectrum - Grim Fandango being quite long and Full Throttle being on the shorter end in terms of gameplay. Is Broken Age really going to be shorter than Full Throttle?
  4. How about Space Escape? For some reason I have Escape stuck in my head now! Conjures an image of Ape Escape x Space Invaders.... Which could be a valid thing, actually. Haha. could mean Escaping to outer space, or escaping from outer space. Or just a Space to which you escape, or a Space you are escaping from. This would all be explained on the back of the box BTW.
  5. I actually already bought one of those. Got me one of the Robot Companions one too! They are sitting right next to me as I speak!
  6. My extremely fun experiences with gallstones: About 5 years ago, I finally put my head down and dieted and exercised and lost a good amount of weight. It was actually the first time in my adult life that I was under 200 lbs, and I was really excited and proud of myself. However I did lose the weight really fast. Soon after breaking the 200 lbs mark I went out with my friends and decided to celebrate and have a dozen chicken wings (my first fatty meal in a long time). The next morning I woke up in the worst pain of my life. It was an extreme pressure right under my right rib combined with the feeling of an alien trying to claw itself out of my stomach. Imagine that really uncomfortable feeling of when you eat way, way too much food and just feel extremely bloated like you are going to explode, and then multiply that by 100. I was literally insane with pain and could do nothing else but sit on my couch with my head in my hands and pray that it would go away, as nothing I did or ingested made the pain any better, or made me any more comfortable. After suffering for a few hours, I decided to go to the hospital. While in the waiting room, my pain just all of a sudden disappeared (and that is the greatest feeling in the world let me tell ya, the end of a gallbladder attack). I still saw the doctor, and after an ultrasound, they figured out I passed a gallstone. It turns out that when you have a fatty diet, your liver is used to creating all this bile to help digest the fat. It stores its excess bile in your gallbladder, and when you suddenly stop eating fat (as I did on my new diet), your liver is still producing lots of bile, but it's not using it, and you get gallstones in your gallbladder. When you then all of a sudden eat fat once again, your gallbladder calls upon its reserves to digest that fatty meal, and the pointy and jagged stones come out with it and gets caught in the bile duct, hence the alien clawing sensation. (This might not be 100% medically accurate but it's how I explained it to myself and it makes sense to me). I have since had 4 or 5 more BIG gallbladder attacks in my life, each as horrible and insanity-inducing as the last. They each lasted about 4-5 hours, and I do not wish them upon my worst enemy. Since getting health insurance, I decided that my next gallstone attack would be my last, and I had my gallbladder out December 2011. I have read lots of opinions about not getting your gallbladder out, but having been through what I did (I also had about 4 months towards the end where I couldn't eat anything without constant gnawing pain below my right ribs) I do not miss my gallbladder one bit. I would have it out any day of the week again, and twice on Sundays. I am now looking forward very much to starting this Juice Fast that Tim brought to my attention. If you are going to get your gallbladder out Tim, just a word of warning what to expect after. I don't know if you've ever had Laparoscopic surgery in your abdomen before, but they blow your belly up with air like a balloon so they can use cameras and instruments to perform the surgery with minimal invasion. It's amazing in that the recovery time is cut to a fraction, but as they cannot fully remove all the air from you, you wake up feeling like you have to rip the biggest and most violent fart of your life for about 3-4 days, but it will not come out. The air slowly dissipates and you eventually feel normal, but you never get that incredibly satisfying blast you feel for those first few days. Just a few pathetic popcorn pops. I really hope your gallbladder is OK, but if it's not, do not hesitate to rip that sucker right out! Hope this helps!
  7. Is there anywhere I can purchase prints (or even originals) of Nathan Stapley's work? His paintings are amazing. I really like that new one of the Dads. Thanks!
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