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  1. Episode 8 - The Final Episode ft Both Good/Bad Endings! SIoziJJf24g
  2. Episode 5 - Taking Out that Blasted Cave Monster! s_XhGx9ht_8
  3. I see! You are talking about rrrreferences! I was so incased in the Cave as it's own story that I never thought about outside references, I love doctor strange love (but I have yet to play with the scientist). I would love to get some references to Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion as some others have suggested, but I haven't noticed any personally. I will post short videos showing any I find. Or if anyone knows one specifically, let me know and I would love to hunt it down, find it, and post it as a video in this thread!
  4. You cannot move the knight at all and you have a very limited time to get a second member to grab the dragons coin. I play on PC as well. If you want to see it done, watch my LP here... There are no spoilers beyond the knights mission. As you can see though, you have to be fast to get the dragons coin. LGKWI9x3wt0
  5. From what I've been able to tell, each character has one chance to discover a secret area (or easter egg essentially). So with each play through you have the opportunity to find 3 (three) "secret areas/easter eggs", and no I'm not talking about their distinct levels. I am only on my second play through, so I don't know this for sure. However, If you want spoilers check out my LP of my first playthrough www.youtube.com/calistoiredux ... (I haven't released any of the secret area videos yet but I have found them for the knight, the twins, and the monk). If you don't want to see them all before finding them all yourself... wellllllllll..... don't click that link.
  6. Thanks to everyone who has watched my video. Subscribe for the whole series! Does anyone know of a better community forum for this game? This forum is a weird mix of tech support game discussion and spoilers! I love the game... I wish we could get together a better community forum
  7. Hey everyone, Calisto_iRedux here. I am starting a Let's Play series of the Cave with the knight, the twins and the monk. Please check out my video if you like Let's Plays and leave a like or subscribe if you enjoy the video. Thanks a lot everyone! CWDPLch3FO4 (This forum doesn't seem to like the youtube string for some reason, so click the link if you don't see the video here) Thanks again to everyone for your support!
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