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  1. I was definitely playing Brutal Legend. It's the game where you first got sucked in into a world with mountains full of skulls, demon worshippers and all that... then got stuck in a green grassland with the occasional speakers and that crap. So dull. Just because we can drive around in a silly "metal" car, it doesn't make it a heavy metal world. I want more of the first five minutes. I want heavy metal, not hair metal.
  2. Flashwing

    Wii U Gamepad

    Insta-kill? Never tried that myself. And either way, isn't that if you press both triggers? Still doesn't mean we can't change char's by pressing just one. Or the shoulder pads, for that matter.
  3. My two biggest issues so far is that you can't skip the intro, and you have to backtrack a lot due to only being able to control one character at a time. The first one isn't a big deal, but it's annoying the second time through. Yes, I know it's a talking cave. Yes, I know it has a story to tell. Can I please get on with the game soon? *groan* The second is a bit worse. Take the beginning, for instance. You first find a puzzle, then you have to backtrack to pick up an item. Then you head all the way back to the puzzle, then all the way back to where you found the item to pick up another one, then backtrack all the way to the puzzle again. This isn't a problem in co-op, of course, but it's annoying in single-player. But what if instead of teleporting the charaters, we could ask one to follow us? It shoudl be a simple matter of asking the AI to keep the character a few steps behind us, jump when we climb up somewhere and drop down when we drop down. If we physically have to talk to the character to ask him/her/them to join us, it won't be a problem in the areas where we are kept seperate on purpse. But it would mean a lot less backtracking at times.
  4. Flashwing

    Wii U Gamepad

    Definitely my vote for gamepad only. Also, if we could swap char's using the triggers, it would be a huge plus. I know we can use the D-pad and touch the screen, but the triggers are right there anyway and unused.
  5. Nice. Now I just need to be able to install the Wii U-version (downloading for the fifth time...), and I'm good to go.
  6. Heh, not that much, no. So they do matter later on?
  7. While I didn't finish BL, I did play close to the end. And while I enjoyed it, it could have been so much, much, much better with a few simple changes. First of all, what was all the talk about heavy metal about? When I first heard about the game, I was told we were going to be play in a heavy metal CD-cover, or something like that. I was really looking forward to it, and what happened? The first five minutes was awesome... then we got stuck in a generic medieval fantasy world? WTF? If you ever make a sequel, please let it ooze heavy metal from every part of the game, not just the first five minutes. Having Ozzy as a used car salesman in a camero doesn't make the game metal. Second, the strategy elements has to go. Those were incredibly boring, and didn't feel like they belonged in the game. Not saying we can't ahve strategy in the game, but it has to fit the rest of the game. And no, do *not* include tower defense. Assassin's Creed proved that never works unless the game it built entirely around it. Third, no Jack Black. Does anyone actually think he's funny? I certainly don't. Sure, he was great in School of Rock, but anything else... meh. Fourth, let the story make sense, please. First we have a nice woman with us for a long time, and then all of a sudden she's the villain? WTF was that all about? And where did that new heroine come from? Why wasn't she the villain instead? That didn't even make any sense. And last, if you are going to use big names like Rob Halford, Ozzy and Lemmy, why not use them for all they're worth? Why give them simple cameos that have nothing to do with the actual people? I would have hoped we got the real Rob, Ozzy and Lemmy in the world with us, not just weird charactes with their voices. Imagine if we instead of a generic fantasy quest had to find real people like Ozzy, Lemmy and Rob and recruit them to our band, so in the end, the point in the game was to get a huge concert with all three of them on stage at once, singing their real songs? It could simply be something like they got trapped in the album cover, so they had to prove metal is strong enough to break out of anything. The concert would be so loud and powerful that it broke the spell and set them all free into the real world. Sorry if it seems like I hated the game. Far from it, I enjoyed it a lot. I just think it has a lot of unused potential. If you dare to go all out on a sequel, it could be the best game ever made. Well, one of them.
  8. i haven't played that long, but so far it seems to me the choice of characters don't matter? The adventurer used her rope to climb up a place the others couldn't reach, but what's the point when the others simply push a crate to get up there anyway? And no matter how far I explore with one character, the others always show up soon after anyway? It's a great game, but does the character choice matter much?
  9. To make this short: I've already downloaded the game four times on Wii U. and every single time, it fails to install. The error code is 105-3155, if that helps. Anyone know what I can do? I've looked up the error code, and as far as I can see, the problem is I don't have enough space on the hard drive. This is wrong, as a) there's 25GB left on the Wii U system memory, and b) I have a 2TB external hard drive. I tried to install to the external hard drive the first three times, but when that didn't work, I disconnected it and tried to download and install directly to the Wii U system memory. Nothing works. I should perhaps also mention that I gave up and purchased it on PSN instead, so I do get to play it. I just wonder why the Wii U version won't work? I live in Europe, btw. Edit: Fifth time's the charm! Took me five (!) attemts, but it finally installed. Awesome.
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