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  1. BTW, I just reloaded my save and all the characters were at the exact spot that I left them. The knight by the lift, the advent by the lever and the Scientist by the door to the dragon key.
  2. c:/Users/yourname/AppData/Roaming/Doublefine/TheCave/folder with bunch of numbers 3 files in there.---auto.sav,prefs.sav,and unlocks.sav
  3. That's why they have 'insta kill' ( keys 9 and 0 ) to reset character! Great way to fix stuck characters--wish more game implemented this function.
  4. Keyboard--USB!!! not removing that!! Nuff Said
  5. There is a thread on Steam about this ,t many are unable to load their saved game, you enter continue game and it goes back to the opening screen. steam://openurl/http://steamcommunity.com/app/221810/discussions/0/846943514104053837/ Dalton mentioned renaming and moving the prefs.sav file--tried it and and that doesn't work. saved game will not load.I really don't want to start the whole thing over again, since I was closing in on the last few lvls of my 1st playthrough. Also being unsure if this will happen again at any makes me relunctant to start or even again and explore all the different characters. I have also e-mailed support with copies of the 3 .sav files that the game creates as requested. Hope to have an a solution soon. In the meantime I have backed up the auto.sav file and have deleted the game. Redownloading/installing the game so see if this will work. update--nope--no joy in mudville----I give up.
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