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  1. * I find the blue text for the enhancement in the salt stack territory is hard to read (Full disclaimer am a bit color blind) Nice to have: * If on the collapsed hero information the labels (Stats", "Traits", etc) were clickable, not just the icon * On the hero equipment, you could confirm the selection of weapons, items and armor with one single action, instead of always having to confirm. * Keyboard movement between heroes on the deployment screen and during the battle when the hero info is open * Keyboard shortcut to end turn * Shortcut to move between hero tabs (Skills, Equipment, Info) * Less confirmations, so much clicking, my finger get's tired :down: Overall am very happy with the game Great work
  2. I just watch the episode, and I am amazed at the dedication of the team, congrats, I really enjoyed THE (first part) game. Feedback: Puzzles were too easy, like clues were to obvious, but I guess I prefer that over being stuck 1 hour and then having to google the solution. The story, gameplay, animation, graphics were phenomenal.
  3. I did feel it was short, but it's understandable because it's half the game. But I don't feel ripped off, because it was an amazing experience. Thank you.
  4. Getting my money worth from the documentary (episodes), which I think it was the main selling point of the Kickstarter, I'll happily buy the game (if it's good)
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