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  1. There's definitely a bug here. When failing with the knot I always had him pull/wiggle and poke it until it looked like Carol. That's the only one that I was dead certain that I actually could describe, the easy route. =) After that I manually ran to her and said it looked like her. She draw me something but the options in text never match the diagram for the first step, as seen on screenshot. I'm dead certain that the knot was the Carol looking one and what's what I asked for. Did it five or four times failing. Each time I said that we should give it another try and had him wiggle until it looked like carol again. Once it did I manually ran all the way to her and asked for a new drawing. I never tried the "hold on and I'll get a new drawing" option until I read this thread. After doing that I got it to work on second attempt. So the bug seems to be related to the manual running to her instead of the instant "get new drawing". Makes sense? Cheers
  2. [del]My code doesn't work. In steam it gives me "Beta code invalid.". =/ Steam on OSX and the code that went out in email about 5 hours ago.[/del] Never mind... I'm an imbecile. Was so eager that I had selected The Cave and tried to enter the code there... Oh well... =)
  3. No prisoners! Was about to go for a Monkey Island theme first. But Edor being my late grandfather who loved to fish I thought fish-theme was more appropriate. =)
  4. Way way way way too easy. It was no challenge but more a "click your way through a story and watch cut scenes" sort of game. Hoping for harder puzzles in act 2.
  5. Scared to post since the discussion seems a bit infected... ...but I have to, with a nice gentle tone, chime in and say that I'm also a tad disappointed. Not that I want a refund or so. Oh no, the guys deserve every penny and probably more. But Act 1 is more a "point-n-click, watch a cut scene" type of game. The puzzles are so easy I wouldn't really call them puzzles. Not at all like I remember the old school adventures like Monkey Island or Fate of Atlantis. Maybe it's me though and that those games from my childhood has special place in my memory and are mentally idolised. From what I can remember I spent days and nights and almost weeks playing those games. There were no internet to turn to for hints but instead magazines that people had to write to and ask fore help. In a galaxy far far far away... =) I miss this in Broken Age (well, maybe not the writing to magazines part...) and I ran through Broken Age in a few hours. But hey, maybe I'm just too old and clever these days. But no, I wouldn't even think of asking about my money back. I assume it's a matter of taste in the end and there's no doubt in my mind that hell of a lot of love have been given to this game. All I hope for is that Act 2 is less of a "point-n-click, cut scene" and more of a brain twister that'll keep me awake for days and nights. =)
  6. HA! LOL! I also thought that the game I backed was the Cave too. =) odd. Oh well, guess I'll buy the Cave now then. =)
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