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  1. Still no patch? This game has been out for a long time, and basically I haven't been able to play it since two days after release. Terrible
  2. Te annoying thing is that I have been waiting to carry on playing the game since this error occurred. I won't continue the game until the patch is out, as I don't want further problems and I want to continue from where I left off. This wait is very aggravating.
  3. This was more or less the same siutation for me. I believe after the Time Traveller is eaten by the lizard, I tried to move forwards, then it crashed.
  4. To add to my original post, I too had the crash at this exact point - after the Time Traveller section, right after the cave lizard runs off one of my characters. I tried copying to the Cloud too, and alas no luck.
  5. As this seems to be a common issue, DF is there anything you are working on to fix this? I hope so...
  6. I still have approximately 80 GB free, so I wouldn't think that should be an issue Thank you for the suggestion though
  7. Hi guys, I have completed two playthroughs of the game successfully, about halfway through my third - the game comes up with the xbox 360 error message: "cannot read disc" Obviously the game isn't on disc, so I though that was strange, but turned off my Xbox and tried again. Now it gets back to the title screen and when i try to load my save game, it tells me it cannot load the save file. Upon returning to the Xbox dashboard, i try to re-load The Cave, and I am again told that it "cannot read disc". Has anyone else had these problems? Is there a fix, will this be patched - because as of now i cannot play my savegame, and would have to start a new game in order to be able to play at all.
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