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  1. hm the only USB thing left to unplug is the keyboard. I doubt this is the issue.
  2. Hello, I am having trouble on PC with frame-rate. It goes from a very high, smooth, framerate, and eventually bogs down to a lower and lower frame-rate (I'm guessing 5 fps). This is most noticeable when I plug in my super nintendo controller to USB to play a second character local co-op, then the fps decrease is the largest. My computer specs are great, OCZ Sata III SSD 4.2 GHz overclocked i5-3570 1Gb 790 Mhz Asus Radoen HD 6850 directx 11 all with newly updated drivers verified game files on steam turned off anti-virus all gfx settings lowered to lowest res, etc, many combinations of every gfx reduction setting possibly basically. What I believe may be the issue: My MSI afterburner tells me the GPU is hardly being used. This is expected since the gfx shouldn't be too demanding. What sticks out is that CPU1 is maxed out, and the other CPU's are idling. Maybe The Cave is not multi-core, and some aspect of the Cave is causing too much CPU load. I believe that this is not an issue with my PC nor any settings I can change, as I have never experienced an issue like this, and that this is not an isolated problem. I know others on PC are experiencing a framerate decrease issue from the Steam forums. Is there any way I can help Double Fine investigate this problem to come up with a patch? Thanks
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