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  1. Well, the most obvious answer is that there isn't enough room on the boat for him and the other spelunkers need to complete their journey. However, if we assume the Purgatory analogy, perhaps we can assume the hermit has never given up what he desires most, so he's stuck there. Unfortunately, it's a little harder to glean what his sins might be unlike the prospector (greed) and the huntress (desire for glory). My guess would be that it has to do with the characters not realizing the consequences of their actions until they experience them. For some, it's a little more obvious: The twins simply want to play outside and poison their parents to accomplish it, but doing so causes their own demise. For others, you have to draw your own conclusions: The scientist didn't remain happy the first time she found wealth, so additional wealth won't satisfy her long, which maybe leads to her realizing there are other ways of obtaining happiness.
  2. There's a discussion on the Steam forums about a game-breaking bug. Basically, you can have the adventurer be one of the two that goes into the switch room in the pyramid, making it impossible to progress. I'm in the same boat as well with just those 5 that won't unlock. These 5 are the only achievements that have requirements which span multiple playthroughs. A-ha! Yeah, that's the connection I missed. I'm just hoping when they fix it, it'll retroactively reward the achievements.
  3. So I've now completed the game enough time to get all the cave paintings. As far as I can tell the following achievements are all broken on Steam: Win-win-win-win-win-win-win Redemption Corruption The Whole Story Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies Basically, every achievement that is rewarded for completing the game (with the exception of Who Wants to Live Forever, which is actually rewarded when the first of your group climbs the ladder) doesn't unlock. I'm unsure why the Fortune Cookie achievement won't unlock.
  4. To be honest, I thought it was just intentional. It reminds me of the type of artwork you'd find in old RPGs. I thought it was done for a nostalgia factor.
  5. My guesses would be: Lust - Hillbilly - Wants nothing more than the two-legged girl Sloth - Twins - Want to go outside and play Wrath - Monk - Can't cut it in the monastery, so he takes it over Envy - Time Traveler - Wants the accolades her rivalry gets Pride - Knight - Thinks he's good enough to take the real knight's place Greed - Adventurer - Wants the fame and fortune all to herself Gluttony - Scientist Gluttony is the hardest for me to pin down since there really is no one that interacts with food (unless you count the twins poisoning their parents). However, it can also be taken to mean "over-indulgence". Considering all the money the scientist gets and she still isn't happy, she seems to fit here, though this could easily be classified as greed as well.
  6. The "Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies" achievement may be bugged on Steam as well. I've taken everyone down to Xavetar to have their fortune read and wasn't able to unlock the achievement.
  7. I can confirm this bug. I finished three playthroughs, (hillbilly, scientist, adventurer / twins, monk, scientist / knight, time traveler, hillbilly) and gotten the bad ending for all of them. Neither Win-win-win-win-win-win-win nor Corruption have unlocked for me.
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