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  1. Broken Age release date is January 28 for PC, Mac, and Linux. That could be the real problem.
  2. I use my PC KB. Don't like controllers nor Consoles. I have viewed the video walkthrough, but what the video shows for getting the Amulet from the dragon does NOT work for me. Again, I can never get the dragon distracted long enough to have my 2nd character dash in and grab the Amulet. My 2nd character dies every time.
  3. Note, I forgot to say I play The Cave on my PC. No matter what I do I cannot move my 2nd character to grab the Amulet without my 2nd character getting killed.
  4. I'm in the Knight's Castle and trying to get the Amulet from the dragon. PROBLEM: When I have The Knight go into 'Invulnerable Mode' (IM) to distract the dragon (while a 2nd character tries to grab the amulet) the SLIGHTEST move by The Knight causes the IM to turn off. Even the very few times he CAN distract the dragon with IM on, the dragon goes back to sleep and my 2nd character cannot dash-in to grab the amulet. Is there no way to get IM to stay on while moving?
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