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  1. Well, there's no big conspiracy -- many sites make money from paid reviews or ads, and often have "speed up queues" ($$$!) for hopeful developers. (I've filled out dozens of review queue forms for the games I've made.) The good review sites, say TouchArcade, keep these two offices as far apart as possible, but it's NO easy task (the best approach may be to have either no, or hundreds of advertisers). I've been a blogger for seven years, and saw many blogging colleagues, and product-makers will always try to influence you with money. Resisting is a day-to-day job that requires strong focus. The few reviews I read on The Cave were fair though. Big sites truly may not want to temper with money influencing their reviews, as it would harm their commercial fundament in the long run as readers leave. The reviews I saw noted the pros and cons like they should. It's not like Ron Gilbert is an industry unknown, so that will cause the game to get some of the visibility it deserves (for being so terrific!).
  2. Oh that's cool, thanks so much Syd. I've paused my current second playthrough as I had already completed the three character-levels, but this gives me reason to continue. Just to clarify, do I need to do something with the item *before* I hand it to the tourist clerk, or after? I want to find out what to do with it myself, but don't want to get stuck by giving it away forever.
  3. What do you mean? There's a "good" way to finish a level, without killing people? I thought the whole point was that the characters turned to evil...
  4. Agree about that speeding up phenomenon -- you start to do all kinds of tricks to move faster, but half of them will fail causing even more frustration. I've finished my second walkthrough (well, until I had all three new people's levels finished), but these issues didn't disappear for me. However the fact that I went for a second time should show how much I love the rest of the game... The puzzles are fun, feel fair, are diverse, never quite too hard, yet not easy. Perfect.
  5. Next to a straight teleportation (which would cause aforemetioned puzzle issues), just speeding up the controls by quite a bit and perhaps even offering a mini map alongside would do wonders. As it is now, I really dislike ladder climbing for instance as it's so slow, and I can't count the number of times a jump turned messy in a non-fun way (platformers are only fun when controls are super-responsive). I love the game, despite these flaws. It would be even sweeter with them fixed.
  6. I love the game... not because of the controls, but despite them. There's often a level of frustration trying to move about, push things, jump, and as running around takes up a major part of the game, it's easy to ignore small hiccups. Still, love it... it's wonderfully designed. Might be nice if some of the controls could be improved. Make ladder-walking faster; make jumps have less animation-to-waith-through; cut the whole "climbing up the rest of the step" which happens for so many jumps and slows down the pacing; make letting go of push and pull easier and generally speed up push/ pulling; perhaps make running even faster.
  7. I'd certainly pay for that, though I'm not sure how it would work with the existing design -- only if it would allow you to jump straight to that character's level would it make sense (you wouldn't want to replay the first level, or other character's levels, all the time). Not sure if it would be creatively challening enough to Gilbert and the team though. But it'd be great fun. If they work on a totally different new adventure, it might be even more fun though... who knows. I'd love to get a bigger story line again, and ideally something more in the future (I really enjoyed the Time Traveller's level). Of the top list of characters I like The Ghost, and really like The Superhero. Robot is nice too. Monster, Witch, Vampire, Zombie, Pirate -- well, keep in mind the gist of every story is ... SPOILER ... someone turning evil, which kind of requires a non-evil basic setup character I suppose (a zombie doesn't TURN evil, it IS evil).
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