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  1. Panoramic for Dual Monitors 3840x1080 for dual widescreen monitors 3000x1080 for 1 5:4 and 1 16:9 Sorry about using photobucket but the forums won't let me attach any image over 3000x3000. To get the full sized file you need to click options>download on the photobucket page.
  2. The De-zone tool is all powerful. I found out by accident that you can De-zone spacebases you haven't expanded to yet. This reveals them and allows you to have any citizens on that base assigned jobs and start expanding from their location. I enjoy having a corridor between bases built from both sides.
  3. How about letting backers that contributed over 100$ participate in future HOFs and make it so those that did not contribute at that level can throw some bucks in the dfapay tip jar to gain access.
  4. Loved the game and the fact that no one has brought up the typo.
  5. I would really like to have a Panoramic wallpaper since I use 2 monitors just make it as large as possible and I'll cut it down myself. Specifically I would like this in hi res.
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