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  1. I should elaborate : same problem "disc unreadable", save file corrupted, xbox 360 elite, error occured under the mansion while playing time traveller, knight, monk, 150 GB free on HD.
  2. For the Hay Bale freeze, did it also give you a disc unreadable error or was this just a hardlock? Just a hardlock, save game loaded after hard reboot, but at the start of the carnival level.
  3. I read your signature as the reply, that was unexpected (but I agree totally) yeah, good question huh? I was afraid my dark souls disc that was in the ┬┤box at the time had gone broke... or worse, my HD. but it seems to be a known issue.
  4. xbox 360 : -Got the "disc unreadable" error/corrupted savefile at the entrance of the twins level (time traveler, knight, monk) -Game froze just after hay bales burned up at the carnival level (time traveler, adventurer, hillbilly)
  5. My gf is no gamer, but once every 5 years or so we find a game we can play together, the latest being psychonauts. Got her to try the cave, and we had a blast cooping through it (time traveler, knight, monk) on our xbox. That was until about 4 hours into the game, just after the mining level where the game froze and gave us the "disc unreadable" error and promptly corrupted our save file. We restarted, chose some new characters (time traveler, hillbilly, adventurer), and trudgded through it again. Got very annoyed with the carnival level, but got through it... and then the game froze...and upon loading the save file we discovered it to be saved before that loathed carnival level... So for now, the game is shelved for our sake. A real shame, we really enjoyed it, but starting over all the time took the wind out of us. So, the question : How do I know when updates are rolled out for xbox 360? Do you release patches simultaneously for all versions? Will I ever get to enjoy a game with my gf again?
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