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  1. I like the game a lot, but please please tweak the movement code. Especially the ladder/rope speed is way too slow. It can be very tedious to climb ladders and ropes. If you know what you have to do and just need to get from A to B fast it is very unnerving to navigate through the levels (ie. Mine level). This gets worse with every playthrough. Suggestions: - Make climbing ladders at least 70% faster. - Minimize the pause between two jumps on ladders, so that I can get up really fast if I want to. - Let me jump up on ropes, too. - Remove the pause when I drop down a ladder, before I can drop down again. - When I drop to the last rung of a ladder which is directly above the ground, don't keep me on the ladder. - Tweak the aircontrol factor, so that I can better move in mid air. - Make running speed 20% faster, maybe add a sprint key. Although these changes would make the game "less realistic" I guess they would make a lot of sense to make the Jump'n'Run part of the game less frustrating and a lot more fun. To get it out of the way of the actual riddles. When I remember correctly Ron said in an interview that the Jump'n'Run part was there to ease the tedious walking from A to B plaguing classic point n click adventures. Would be nice to see those changes.
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