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  1. So, on my first play through of the game, I have the Knight, the Twins and the Time Traveler. And On the Knight level its very possible to get the gold without opening the Dragon Door. You just teleport in with the Time Traveler so you're snug on the door, without triggering the fire breath. Then you use the Knight to distract the Dragon and just as the Dragon Animation starts, you switch over to the Time Traveler then teleport out. What the disappoint is, is that the game does not recognize this feat, and operates as if I open the dragon door and didnt lock it. It was quite the bummer.
  2. Backtracking retards the sensation of progress. Its quite possible, to have a good slow pacing without back tracking. The backtracking that the cave does, is not game related or pacing related, its paperwork. You gotta get all 3 of your guys traversing into the next puzzle area, and while the The Cave does some of it, it doesnt seem to do it enough. You have to micromange your guys to get them in place to start doing actual gamey things. While the other form of back tracking, walking back forth through a puzzle area while trying to solve the puzzle, to my knowledge that hasnt gotten any complaints from reviewers. And the Maker of the Cave are aware of bad back tracking, as you can see several examples where they eliminate it for you. The best example, is at the very first puzzle with the fuse box. The elevator that takes you back to the basement with the vending machines. That skips a lot of bad backtracking.
  3. Heya, I'm getting a crash to desktop when I try to open the game. I get the a White Screen, then Sega then Double Fine. And I get Loading in the top right hand corner, thats misaligned on the A and D, then it crashes to the desktop. OSX 10.6.8 Graphic Card; Intel GMA X3100 http://pastebin.com/umMdWsVX <== Link to the Apple Crash Log. Any help would be grand, and willing to post more info, if needed.
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