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  1. That approach assumes that nMaxPlaytime is actually stored in the savegame data instead of simply be a global variable being used as a define which never changes value. Have you verified that nMaxPlaytime is stored and loaded from the savegame?
  2. The problem with that is that, if you don't use one of the existing variables, you're going to have to create a new variable for game duration and that means extending the data stored in the savegame file. Messing around with the savegame format is a very hazardous practice in modding.
  3. It might simpler to use the space quadrant settings to determine the length of the game. At the highest threat level, the Big One comes at 4 hours. At each lower threat level, increase the length of time. So to get a range between 4 and 72, you'd need to access the nDifficulty value (which I [em]think[/em] goes from 0 to 1) and you would change nFinalSiegeTime to nFinalSiegeTime = 60 * 60 * (4 + 68 * (1.0 - nDifficulty))
  4. Right now, the Roster is only useful for assigning jobs. But, with the new features, we often need to find out more information about the crew and having to click on every single crewman individually is needlessly tedious. It would be great if the Roster could also be used to find out the current status of all the crew. I would suggest adding a tab at the top of the Roster screen for "Jobs" and "Status". When the "Jobs" tab is active, the Roster would display what we have right now. When the "Status" tab is active, the columns would represent Health, Happiness, Exhaustion, Bed Assignment, Job Satisfaction, and so on.
  5. I frequently see people complaining about the O2 capacity being bugged because, if the HUD says you have enough capacity for 3 crew, you really only have enough for 2. Try to actually have a crew which matches the capacity and everyone will suffocate. That's because the O2 capacity displayed on the HUD means something completely different from what most people first assume that it means. In contrast to similar HUD meters in every other simulation or RTS game, this meter does NOT tell you how much crew capacity you have. It just tells you how much crew breathing can be handled by the current life support, without taking into account all of the other things that affect the life support systems. When a significant portion of your users are interpreting your interface incorrectly, it often means that it is a bad interface design. I would suggest changing the O2 capacity meter. Instead of expressing the current level of O2 generation as a measurement of crew, express O2 generation as a percentage of O2 currently in the station. Right now, you can point at any room in the station and see what the O2 saturation level is for that room. Take an average throughout the station (ignoring airlocks and breached rooms) and display that average on the top HUD.
  6. The O2 overlay has three states: off, amount of oxygen, and something else with lines. What does the one with all the lines represent?
  7. DovS


    While the idea that a crewman can become so upset that they throw a tantrum or start a fight is good, it should ideally be a rare thing. Unhappy crew should be less productive than other crew but actually being destructive and violent should be something that comes up only now and then, a special case crisis that needs special attention.
  8. The only current options for deciding how lethal the security force will be affects the entire security force for all security actions. The result is that you wind up with situations where you have to set the force to lethal to kill a raider and then your security forces immediately turn around and start killing any crewmen who happen to be unhappy. This is overkill. Literally. There needs to be a way to select the a degree of lethal/non-lethal on a per target basis, either specific to each individual target person or class of person.
  9. Select the brig and then select the crewman's name in list of brig assignees. It will ask you to click on the person to assign to the brig. Click on empty space. That person will become unassigned from the brig. It's a confusing interface but it's possible.
  10. Right now, if you select a room, there is no visual indication of which room you have selected. You see information about in the sidebar but it is far too easy to select the wrong room and not know about it. Then you can change the room type and builders will run in and destroy everything that you've built because you thought you were making a new residence but you just demolished your oxygen recyclers instead. When you select a room, we need some kind of visual highlight to indicate that it has been selected.
  11. I just finished playing Act 1 and it was soooo beautiful and fun and funny and interesting! Thank you for such a wonderful game! I will be eagerly awaiting the conclusion!
  12. I was wondering this too. If a refrigerator had a maximum capacity, it would make sense to build more than one refrigerator in a pub. If not, you would never need more than one. Useful to know.
  13. Maybe choosing a location with the lowest possible Threat level should result in no raiders or killbots at all. If the map becomes searchable, it would make it easy to find something that suits the variables that you want.
  14. I was thinking more in terms of a visual enhancement that would look cool but would always be underneath so that it never gets in the way of being able to see inside the station and doesn't need to be toggled off.
  15. I like the idea of always open doors, maybe even ones that are four tiles wide. For station integrity, they could have hidden shutters that close and lock in the event of a hull breach but otherwise they just stay open all the time.
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